How to purchase office furniture that will increase productivity

How to purchase office furniture that will increase productivity

When working in an office there are many things that can cause a distraction.  The best thing to do in order to increase productivity is to look at the office furniture.  If the furniture in the office is right then distractions and disruptions will be kept to a minimum.  Additionally certain office furniture will help your employees work better, faster and longer.

Office furniture

There are a number of things that fall into the category of office furniture that you need to know about.  There are also a number of things you have to think about when purchasing these items.  Some of the items in this furniture category will include desks, chairs, bookcases and filing cabinets.  Some considerations you need to take into account when buying furniture is the needs of your business. 

Of course you will have to think about the current needs and future needs.  When buying a desk think about what your employee has to place on it.  Will there be a computer as well as space for files?  Will there be a central filing area where all the filing cabinets are going to be or will each office have their own?

Office fit-out

An office fit-out is something that many businesses look at when moving into new premises.  The reason for this is that a fit-out can often be cheaper than getting the furniture singularly.  Additionally, the design of the office is also taken into account with a fit-out.  If this is done correctly then distractions and disruptions will be minimized and there will be space to implement changes in working practices in the future. 

There are different types of fit-outs that you need to know about as well.  One type is a shell and core where the core areas are not rented to a business.  Category A fit-outs do not actually have a standard definition and vary depending on the contractor.  Category B fit-outs will include things like installation of offices, conference rooms, furniture, IT and AV installation and tea point or kitchen fit-out.

Office chairs

When people work in an office they sit for the majority of the time.  Having comfortable office chairs is essential to productivity.  Having chairs that ca be manipulated is ideal for your employees.  It is particularly important that the chairs can be raised as injury can occur if you are not at the correct height in relation to your desk.  The need to reduce repetitive stress injuries is why many people will invest in ergonomic chairs.

Office tables

Office tables will include a number of things like desks, conference tables and training room tables.  Of course it is not imperative that all these tables are present in the office.  When choosing your tables you have to think about what the people sitting there are going to do.  This is particularly important for desks.  Conference room tables have to be large enough to accommodate everyone as productivity may be lowered if this is not the case.  Additionally, desks have to have space for computers, files and miscellaneous objects or you may find your employees have to constantly get up to get something.

Office furniture can play a large role in the productivity of a company.  If the furniture does not suit the business or it is not laid out in the correct manner distractions and disruptions will follow.