Maximising office printer cost savings for Small Business


Canon uniFLOW for small and medium business (SMB) is a simple yet scalable solution, especially designed for small businesses, that enables you to maximise the value of your office multifunctional print devices.

Powerful capabilities allow you to track and manage print and copy costs, improve employee efficiency and protect your vital information, so you can focus on growing your business.

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Manage and Reduce Print Costs

Canon’s uniFLOW for small and medium business(SMB) provides detailed tracking and cost analysis of all network print and copy activity, helping you identify how print devices are being used, and where savings can be made.

Colour printing has many business benefits but how can you provide access to colour without costs spiralling out of control?

Canon uniFLOW for small and medium business (SMB) can help you understand who’s printing in colour, what they’re printing, how often and how much it’s costing you.

As an added layer of control, you can also regulate who can print in colour based on their departmental functions.

To allocate the cost of print and copy to both internal and external customers quickly and accurately, Canon’s uniFLOW for small and medium business (SMB) can allocate these costs to departments or cost centres, and allow you to charge jobs back if necessary.

Protect Information and Improve Efficiency

How many times have you seen confidential documents left unattended in printer output trays?

Canon uniFLOW for small and medium business (SMB) allows documents to be
printed only when the printer user authenticates themselves at the printer device.

This protects your information and also cuts paper wastage. For added convenience, documents can be collected at any Canon printer device on the network.

Mobile device printing

Are your people demanding print support from their mobile devices?

Do you want to offer them access to your printing facilities without compromising network security?  You can with Canon uniFLOW for small and medium business (SMB).

People can print regardless of whether they are sending print jobs from their desktop Personal Computers, laptops, Cloud-based system or smart phones, whilst enabling you to retain full cost control and information security.

Registered users can simply walk to any multifunctional print device to release their print jobs, either via the print device interface itself or directly from their smart phones.

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Barry Daly