Even if a growing number of companies are adopting digitisation, printing and paper documents remain to be integral parts of many office processes. In fact, numerous enterprises still spend a lot on printing.

A study even revealed that over 70% of top executives from SMEs alone print documents at least four times a day. Just imagine how high the figures are for regular employees, especially those in departments that still heavily rely on printed documents like the HR and accounting divisions.

While these paper documents may be essential for day-to-day operations to run smoothly, they also cause or lead to wastage. A lot of company owners like you do not realise the amount of cash they are losing because of inefficient printing devices and processes.

What are some of the inefficient print-related practices that cost you money? Always printing coloured documents is one of them. Some materials can be printed in black and white like email and excel documents. However, printers are usually set up for coloured printing. So, documents which can be in black and white are printed coloured, leading to wasted colour toners.

Printed documents which aren’t claimed is another print-related issue which can cost you money. This is a common occurrence in offices with employees forgetting to get materials they’ve printed. What even happens usually is that when they finally remember to claim the document they’ve printed and it’s nowhere in sight, they reprint a new copy. This practice doesn’t just lead to wasted print toners but also papers. Furthermore, unclaimed documents left lying on the printer tray may end up in the wrong hands and lead to data leaks.

Fortunately, these costly practices can be minimised or even eliminated with managed printing. What is manged printing? How can it help you reduce office print expense?

Offered by companies like printer dealers, managed printing (or managed print) is a program that enables businesses to centralise control of printing documents as well as storing and managing them. This service is designed to reduce waste, thereby, enabling companies to economise on their printing cost.

What’s more is that on top of cutting down printing cost, managed printing also offers other benefits like better print security. This is something you should consider given the growing number of data leaks. Moreover, stricter sanctions are now in place with the implementation of the GDPR for companies embroiled in data breaches.

How exactly can managed printing help you cut back print expense? First, you need to understand that the managed print service provider needs to conduct a print audit to assess your needs before it can propose solutions to minimise waste.

Some of the proposals you can expect from your chosen managed print service provider may include centralising printing service, upgrading the devices and installing software to improve security and minimise wastage.

Having multiple printers, especially the desktop types, can be expensive to operate. This is why, instead of having one printer per department or area, it is better to have shared printers to significantly reduce operations and maintenance expenses.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that older printer models are costlier to operate as compared to newer ones. So, while getting a new printer may be expensive, it translates to more savings in the long run since it is more efficient and does not require frequent repairs. Moreover, fewer printer downtimes lead to more productive employees.

When it comes to lessening coloured printing and unclaimed printed documents, software like Canon’s uniFLOW may be recommended. Using this software, the device can be programmed to automatically print certain documents in black and white. Also, Canon’s uniflow has secure print features that minimise data breaches. Basically, with this software, documents aren’t printed and released without the owner inputting his/her user code.

There is no doubt that managed printing can help you economise on your office print expense. You just have to pick the right managed print company for you to truly reap the benefits of this service.

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Image Attribution: Photograph by MiCRoSCoPiC^eaRthLinG [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia
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