Our Approach to Managed Print Services

Consult – Implement – Manage


All improvements are based on consulting with you and application of powerful analysis tools which allow you to understand every single step on the way to the best solution.

We capture all print information via software-based identification of printers, precise monitoring of current printer utilisation patterns and printing volumes.   Then, we interview printer users to detect specific document work-flows, individual needs and service-level requirements.

Determine precise total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation with benchmarking against market costs and a detailed analysis of required and recommended print services to meet document-based business process requirements.

Then, we design a print environment that fits your company’s business needs.


A Managed Print Service (MPS) solution provides you with “change management” based on your bespoke requirements. It will include dedicated project management with organised and controlled processes from start to finish. 

We provide detailed training for your users and administrators as well as second level training for key users and internal support people.


After having tested and established the new printer environment, we offer a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage your printers. Tailored to your requirements, these can complement existing information technology (IT) services or take over full responsibility, for your print fleet.

Proactive service, remote and on-site, automatic delivery of printer consumables and replacement parts.

Continuous supervision of all networked and locally attached printer devices to monitor the printers’ utilisation, status and alerts.

Regular management reports, review meetings and active searches for more improvements and optimisation of printer resources.


Our Approach to Managed Print Services                                 Our Approach to Managed Print Services

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