Why Select Intuity Technologies

Why select Intuity Technologies as your Managed Print Services Partner?

Using the latest multi-function printers we help you consolidate your printers to a manageable print environment with transparent costs and greater productivity.

By centrally managing the printer environment, access rules can be introduced and user patterns monitored to ensure the best results from your print infrastructure.

We can also help turn your printer environment into a computer network-centric platform for improved workflow and process change that can impact on the strategic direction of your organisation.

Taking care of more than 50 million prints and copies per annum on behalf of clients and with over 20 years of experience, Intuity Technologies leads the way with Print Services.

We work in partnership with you to enhance office productivity and provide cost effective solutions.

Our managed print services combine consulting, hardware, software implementation and workflow management in order to lower document spend and improve office productivity as follows;

Printers: We make sure that you have the right number of printers for your business. We provide you with the best business process and printer support while establishing metrics for continuous improvement, balanced with the lowest total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Process: Analysing all business-relevant document flows in order to increase productivity, to benefit from saving potentials and design, to implement and operate what works for you.

Finance: Offering different purchasing, leasing and rental options and integrating existing contracts into a single transparent plan.

Security: Designing and implementing Information Technology (IT) and information security solutions, from employee authentication and data-safe hard disk handling of disposed printer devices to complex network security requirements.

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Why Select Intuity Technologies                              Why Select Intuity Technologies

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