How Managed Print Services Works?

How does Managed Print Services work?
It all starts with an Assessment. Every organisation has a current process in place for managing print; and to a certain degree, its meeting their needs. Our job is to first understand your processes and then 1) analyse and 2) quantify each component: time, energy, resources, supplies, parts, labour and all the other hard indirect and soft costs. Dividing that by the number of pages you produce will equate to your cost-per-page rate to print. We then break that per-page rate down to each core component.

Managed Print Services is about looking at the processes of how people manage print/copy and then asking questions to identify and reduce costs: If we can change the process, how could that generate an immediate and/or long term benefit? How could that help to reduce total cost of ownership? How could that add to operational efficiencies? How could that help to identify print issues from usability issues? How could that extend equipment life? How could that free-up equipment for potential use elsewhere? How could…?

Our approach is to manage print as a business process.

Our solution is strategic. It’s about financial responsibility, control, cost containment, cost avoidance, and process improvement. All of which are important and should matter!

  1. Control: Initially, we perform an assessment of your print/copy environment and propose an agreement to provide service, supplies, maintenance & support for your entire fleet of printers, copiers, fax machines and other devices. This Agreement is a Cost-per-Page Model (CPP) in which you are billed monthly based on previous months usage.
  2. Optimise: Printer Fleet optimisation, management and right sizing. Through Quarterly Reviews, we will make recommendations for optimising your fleet of print devices to produce maximum productivity and drive costs down.
  3. Innovate: Over time, we will continue to consult and propose business process solutions that will provide value and keep your printer fleet and related processes contemporary with current and emerging technologies

How Managed Print Services Works?                                    How Managed Print Services Works?

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