Buying a copier is not financially feasible for some companies, particularly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Fortunately, nowadays, there are other options to owning these highly-important office equipment without breaking the bank. One way is by leasing wherein, instead of a huge one-time payment, the lessee pays a fixed amount per month or quarter over the course of the lease contract. Another option that is also easier on the pocket is to buy used copiers.

Just like leasing copiers, purchasing a second-hand ones has been widely practiced for so many years. However, unlike the former, the latter does not often appeal to a handful of business owners. One reason for this is that there is the popular notion that purchasing used copiers is a waste of money.

Is there truth to the aforementioned belief? Well, you only waste money when you fail to do your due diligence. But when you do, this option which can be beneficial for small business owners like you.

When is it wise to buy used copiers instead of buying new ones? If there is no room in your budget for a new machine, then getting a used one may be the more financially sound decision. Your reason for purchasing also matters. If you are just looking at having a spare copier in your office or one you can use for a short-term project, then going for a second-hand machine is the practical choice.

Is it better to buy used copiers instead of leasing? Both are actually good options if your primary concern is not having the capital outlay for a new copy machine. However, if you do not want to be tied to a lease contract for three to five years, then it is best to purchase a second-hand photocopier.

So, how do you ensure that this is a decision you won’t regret? First, only buy used copiers from a trusted supplier. This is the best way to guarantee that you are getting a second-hand machine that still works well. You can ask for recommendations from people you know to find a good supplier of used copiers. Alternatively, you can research using the Internet. You can visit the sites of these companies and read testimonials from previous clients. Keep in mind, what you want is a supplier with a verifiable record of providing used copiers of excellent quality.

Always check the condition of the device before buying. Naturally, you do not just want a device that works but one which is capable of lasting a couple of years. Apart from testing the machine, find out how old it is to know how many years it still has. Just like other devices, copiers become unusable after a certain number of years. It also helps if you know where the machine came from – what it was used for and how often it was used – as these things have an impact on the copier’s lifespan and performance.

In addition, you need to ensure that you are getting a machine that meets your needs. So, know the features of your chosen model.

As much as possible, when buying a second-hand copy machine, pick a professionally refurbished or reconditioned one. Refurbishing or reconditioning a copier is more than just cleaning the machine. It is mainly about replacing all worn out parts and repairing existing damages. The goal of this process is to ensure that the device performs at an optimal level.

To find out if the equipment has been really refurbished, you would need to talk to the copier supplier. Let him walk you through the reconditioning process or explain what work has been on the device.

One of the common issues about buying second-hand copy machines is the difficulty of buying spares. It is not secret that copier technology evolves at lightning speed these days and certain models quickly become obsolete. When this happen, manufacturers also stop producing spare parts like ink cartridges. It is therefore imperative that you check if parts for the model you are buying are still available in the market.

Buying a used copier is a wise decision for as long as you deal with a reputable supplier and know what to look for. Before purchasing, thoroughly examine and test the device. Also make sure that you get satisfying answers to all pertinent questions you have.

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