Maintaining your business’ paperwork all the way from beginning to the end is critical. Paper filing and computer data storage play an equal role in a customer’s profile. Both of these mediums need equal attention when adhering to the client’s privacy rights. Printer hard drive erasing and shredding is just as important as paper shredding is to eradicate any information that a third party can obtain. Protecting your client is just as important as protecting your business.

Why Erasing is Important

Modern advancements in technology have led to photocopiers being faster, and stronger than ever before. To make photocopying faster and more efficient printers/scanners are now utilising internal hard drives, and a large amount of record keeping data is stored on these hard drives. Many hard drives maintain a virtual copy of every document that’s scanned into the machine. The information on the documents could contain the client’s:

– Full Name
– Address
– Phone Number
– Company-sensitive Data (highly appealing to your competitors)
– Social Security Number (highly appealing to identity thieves)
– Driver’s license or Identification Number (also appealing to identity thieves)
– And much more

Most Canon photocopiers, printers and scanners include a hard drive, and an instruction booklet with detailed instructions on how to erase the hard drive. This step is crucial when ridding or selling the devices.

Digital Medium Shredding

When retiring a printer, erasing the content can be extremely useful; however, there are still some outlying dangers. Some disc utilities can recover information that has even undergone Guttmann-type erasing – a method that erases the free space 35 times! Hackers can still use methods such as PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) and MFM (Magnetic Force Microscopy) to recover files by either predicting the bits/bytes that were formerly there, or by deep-scanning the hard disc in order to obtain the base of information at its core.

Your Canon printer may have one of these hard drives, and this could be a serious threat to your business. Purchasing a hard drive shredder may be the best way to completely rid your customer’s information off the face of the planet, and give you and your business the peace of mind you deserve. Most office shredders are able to shred mediums all the way from credit cards to full-sized hard discs (not only 3.5-inch hard drives).

In conclusion, with identity theft and cyber-crime being at an all-time high, the needs to secure your company’s assets are key. Your customer’s information could be on any printer out there that you have scanned documents in. Understanding how to erase data from the hard drive medium via software or by physical shredding, can be the lifesaver of your business.

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