How to Use a Photocopier

A photocopy machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any business. As a business employee, you may be responsible for making hundreds of photocopies on a daily basis. You should not be embarrassed if you do not have experience with a photocopier, however. Many people view photocopy machines as large foreign objects. The following is a quick tutorial that can having you making copies in less than two minutes:

Turn on the Photocopier

The first step you will take in using the photocopier is making sure it is powered on a plugged up. First, check for plugs, and make sure that the copier’s cord is plugged into a nearby outlet. Next, look for the power button. Most copiers have the power button on top, but you may find the switch on the side. If you find that the unit is already on but is not responding, then it may be in “sleep” mode. In that case, you can press the “copy” button to see if it responds to that.

Before moving to the next step, you will want to make sure that the copier has paper in it. The paper tray will be located either on the front or the side of the device. Fill the tray with paper if you notice that it is empty or the level is low.

Put Your Document on the Copier

The next step is placing your document on the copier. You will lift the photocopier’s cover and place your document on the glass surface. You will want the front of the document facing downward on the glass. You will also want to place the document the way the guide marks tell you. You will see the guide marks once you lift the cover. After you have properly placed your document, you can close the copier cover.

Select the Number of Copies

You will need to select the number of copies that you want the copier to make. The copier will have a digital number display and a set of plus and minus keys so that you can change the quantity. Some models have numeric keys for this same function.

Select the Color Preference

Next, you will want to tell the photocopier whether you would like color copies or black and white copies. The unit will have a dedicated button for this selection. Press the button to make your changes.

Select Paper Size

After you select the color preference, you will want to select the correct paper size. 8.5 x 11 inches is the standard paper size. If you need to use a special paper size, then you will have to feed the paper into the tray.

Press the Copy Button

Finally, you will press the “copy” button to print your copies. Some units have the copy button labeled as a start button. Once you press the copy button, your copies will start printing. You may stand in front of the copier while is it printing so that you catch any errors immediately.

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