Your customers are the prized assets of your company. You need to keep them happy and satisfied to ensure that they remain loyal to you. Nowadays, retaining customers requires more than just providing excellent products or services. It also entails safeguarding their personal data.

A data breach, especially those involving customers’ sensitive information, can immensely damage your company’s reputation. Apart from losing potential business, it can also erode long-time clients’ trust and confidence in you. With their data compromised, these customers may opt to discontinue patronising your brand. All these can result in financial repercussions amounting to millions. It may even lead to legal sanctions and government fines when the GDPR comes into force on the 25th of May 2018.

There is no doubt that data leaks can become costly for business owners like you. On top of the financial losses, these breaches can bring about irreparable damages to your company and brand reputation. Therefore, it is imperative that data security should be on top of your agenda.

When speaking of data breaches, many people associate it with digital data. What many fail to recognise is that even paper documents are potential sources of leaks. Similarly, when it comes to the IT infrastructure and office equipment, print devices are still often overlooked as gateways that unscrupulous individuals can exploit. In fact, six out of ten organisations admit to experiencing at least one data breach incident due to unsecured printers.

Clearly, you should not neglect your print infrastructure when creating your information security strategy. How do you safeguard print security in your office? Below is a guide on how you can secure your print devices and minimise or eliminate print-related breaches.

Tips on Having a Secure Office Print Infrastructure

Place the device in a secure location. One of the simplest ways to prevent data breaches is to put your printers in areas only accessible to authorised employees.

In addition, secure the devices by disabling their ports. Remember, print devices, especially multifunction printers (MFPs), have multiple ports which people can use to retrieve and store confidential data. Furthermore, disabling these ports can protect your network from virus or malware attacks.

Get the help of experts. Hire professionals to conduct a full security assessment of your printer fleet. Managed Print Service (MPS) providers are regarded as the experts in this field. These companies have the technical know-how and the technology to determine possible vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure.

On top of conducting a security assessment, MPS providers also have a wide range of products and services which can help you avoid print-related data breaches. Of course, just be sure to select an MPS provider that has the necessary credentials and trained personnel to do the job.

Choose print devices with advanced security features. Look for MFPs features such as data encryption, user authentication and auditing tools. The data encryption feature adds an extra layer of protection on data stored on or processed by your MFPs. Hence, the data doesn’t easily get decoded when intercepted.

Meanwhile, the user authentication feature prevents sensitive information from falling on the hands of unauthorised people. With pull printing, documents are only printed or released once the intended recipients enter their access key or code. Some devices like those from the Canon imageRUNNER advance series even come with picture login feature for better security.

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Lastly, MFPs with auditing features enable you to monitor the usage of your device. You can track user activity as well as the documents. These audit logs can be very useful in case of a data breach because they can help you identify the possible sources of the leak.

Educate your employees. Successfully avoiding data breaches requires the cooperation of your employees. So, do not forget to educate them about your print security protocols. Inculcate in them the value of securing customer data. Inspire them to be proactive in safeguarding valuable information.

Securing your print infrastructure is no easy feat. In fact, it can be a daunting task, especially if you do not have the technical know-how. But there are trusted MPS providers that can help you avoid data breaches and protect your company from losing valued clients.

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