Due to the increased use of Canon Mobile Print Solutions, it is crucial that you understand better how you can use them for enhanced productivity.

As per the latest survey, 77 percent of the employees working full-time utilize their smartphones for work and 69.9 percent to access corporate information from personal tablets or smartphones.

This trend is expected to continue increasing and IT departments must continue looking for means of securing data via formal mobile working policies. As a result, the vendors will have an opportunity to simplify the printing mobile experience while enhancing the security and control capabilities of these solutions.

Most of the mobile printing technologies in the market are basic and more suited to the consumer use.

For instance, many technologies do not integrate with multi-function printer device(MFD) user authentication systems for print policy usage restriction and control. Also, most of them require the mobile to be on the same network as the multi-function printer device(MFD). Intuitive and ease of use remain to be challenging as businesses are increasingly expecting these issues to be addressed by print service providers.

Canon has developed its technology, as well as its print and capture management software to function as single and integrated platform to solve all capture and print challenges regularly, including Mobile issues. It is expected that after Canon’s move other vendors will likely seek to emulate the same.

The sum cost of print in a company can go as high as €10,800 per employee per year. Out of €10,800, it is only 10 percent that is linked to the cost of consumables and devices. According to a study by ALL Associates, the rest of the cost is related to “hidden expenses”, which many customers are unaware of and are related to print administration and management. At Intuity Technologies, we assist and encourage our partners to uncover and address these challenges and hidden costs to add value for customers.

Presently, almost every printer on the market has some printing capability based on mobile, and typically they are free. Nonetheless, these solutions are basic and do not address some critical challenges that are associated with mobile printing, like central management for print reporting and policy or consistent and intuitive user experience from a mobile.

With thorough print audit process and engagement, the partners will be able to unearth and educate their customers on Mobile Print risks and opportunities. Eventually, this will enable the partners to articulate an extra-value mobile print solution to the customers.

In most instances, as a client, you may be unaware of the potential challenges and risks that face you in regards to mobile printing. The key to your sales success is the comprehensive discovery process on the sum cost of print and the broader print-related challenges. Through this strategy, the partners will be able to determine the challenge you as a customer you are facing. Ultimately, this will allow the partners to propose a high value and more differentiated solution to your particular need.

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