In need of a photocopier for your office? Why not lease instead of buying a new one? Leasing, when done right and with a reputable leasing company, has a lot of advantages. For one, this option is easier on the pocket as compared to buying. You do not need to lay out a lot of cash all at once just to get the copier you need. With leasing, you pay a fixed amount monthly or quarterly for the duration of your lease contract (which is usually three to five years). Undoubtedly, this is less burdensome on your finances.

Another noteworthy benefit of leasing a photocopier is that it makes upgrading to a newer model less complicated. At the end of your lease term, you can get a copier with better specs – one that meets your office needs. When you own the machine, you do not have this freedom, especially if there are budget constraints. You’d be stuck with your old copier until the end of its life or until you have the money to replace it. This can be costly in the long run since older machines tend to be less efficient than newer models which are equipped with better technology. Consequently, being stuck with an obsolete and a worn-out copier can hamper your employees’ productivity and company’s overall efficiency.

So, if you are looking for a quality copier, consider leasing one, especially if you own a small or medium enterprise. Nowadays, there are numerous companies that lease photocopiers. Finding one is not difficult. Furthermore, there’s no need to fret if it’s your first time to try this setup. The process involved is fairly straightforward. If you need help getting started, read the tips below on how you can successfully lease a photocopier.

To Lease or To Rent

Photocopier leasing and photocopier renting are often used interchangeably. This is understandable since both are about using a copy machine for a given period of time with a fee. However, leasing has a longer contract period, typically around two to five years.  Meanwhile, renting covers a shorter duration which is anywhere between six to twelve months. This option is ideal for those who need a machine for a project that’s going to run for a short period of time.

Remember, you cannot simply terminate your lease contract just because you no longer need the machine. You need to finish the contract or buy out your lease. Hence, you need to determine which option is best for you to avoid the financial repercussion.

Assess Your Copier Needs

For most people, choosing the right copier is an overwhelming task mainly because of the countless options available. A good way to make the selection less taxing is to have a concrete idea of your copier needs.

Identify the tasks that your copier should be able to perform. Do you need it to print in colour or in black and white? Will you require double-sided copying often? More importantly, have an estimate of the volume of copies you make per week. This is essential in determining the speed of the machine you should get.

Look for a Photocopier Leasing Company

Check out dealers that lease copiers in your area. Ask about their leasing programs. Learn about the terms of the lease, specifically the cost and the inclusions. Find out if the company will replenish supplies like the toner and the ink during the lease period. Also, know who’s going to take care of the copier’s maintenance and repair.

Study each lease term you get and determine which one best suits your company’s needs. But please do not just mainly focus on the terms of the contract. Make sure that you also check the company’s track record. To ensure high quality equipment and service, pick a reputable photocopier leasing company. In order to do this, you need to read testimonials from previous clients. Nowadays, you can get a hold of this information by simply checking the company’s website.

Discuss Your Needs with Your Chosen Provider

See to it that you relay your needs to your chosen copier leasing provider. Ideally, the company, through its sales executive, should be able to provide suggestions on which copier models or brands can meet your requirements. It should be able to help you pick out which device is right for you.

Once you’ve chosen a photocopier, make sure that you thoroughly review your lease contract before signing it. If possible, ask your business lawyer to study it, too. Lastly, do not hesitate to ask questions or clarify things you do not understand. Doing this helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures the success of the partnership.

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