It is not difficult to understand why the demand for Managed Print Services (MPS) has been consistently rising over the past years. On top of the financial savings associated with it, getting MPS can help streamline business processes and improve workforce productivity. It eliminates print-related hassles and allows businesses to be more efficient, enabling them to focus on core tasks or projects.

So, if you are still managing your printer fleet and do not have a print strategy, it’s about time you get MPS! Finding one should not be difficult since there is currently an abundance of companies offering this service. However, there’s no denying that choosing the right provider can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time to do this. To accomplish this task successfully, use the tips below on how to get the right managed print services provider.

Check Their Track Record

You can’t enjoy the benefits of MPS if you do not have a good provider. Hence, it is imperative that you choose a company with an exemplary track record. Aside from providing top-notch equipment, the company should deliver first-rate and reliable MPS solutions.

So, do your research about the company. Find out what previous and current clients say about their service. Nowadays, you can get this information online, either on the company’s website or customer review sites.

Learn about Their Print Analysis Process

A trusted and an experienced MPS provider understands that each business requires different solutions. It conducts a comprehensive assessment of your print environment to know how much you are actually spending. The data gathered from the analysis is integral for them to understand your infrastructure, identify pain points and develop an action plan that suits your company’s needs.

Given the importance of the initial assessment, the company must have the tools needed to generate a thorough and an accurate report. Talk to them about their assessment methods and analytical tools.

Know What You’re Getting

When you get MPS, it is not going to be a one-time transaction that begins and ends after the installation of printing equipment and software. It’s supposed to be an on-going relationship, wherein your chosen MPS company provides the print-related assistance you need during the duration of the contract. This usually includes replacing consumables and taking care of repair and maintenance services.

MPS companies offer different solutions and inclusions. So, make sure you ask what the terms of the contract are. Ask questions about their standard response time for repair service, the availability of offsite support, the arrangement for parts replacement, etc.

Think about Scalability

It is not enough that the MPS company meets your current needs. It must also be able to cater to your future requirements. Simply put, the provider must be able to support your business as it grows.

A good MPS company understands this possibility and has the capability to help you plan for your growth. Furthermore, aside from print management, it can provide other solutions like document management which may be necessary as your company expands.

Don’t Forget Security

Studies have confirmed that unsecure print infrastructure is one of the leading causes of data leaks. With the implementation of the GDPR and the financial and reputational damages associated with data breaches, print security should now be a priority and not an afterthought.

Make sure that you choose an MPS provider capable of identifying vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure. More importantly, it should be equipped with machines and solutions with state-of-the-art security features like data encryption and pull printing, among others.

Choosing the right provider is essential for you to reap the benefits of managed print services. So, make sure that you only partner with a company that satisfies your needs and the requirements mentioned above.

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