How the Canon Advanced series change people’s working lives

With the introduction of Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE printers there has been a whole new multifunctional printer world opened to users.

The stresses within business have just been made easier to deal with due to this smart and simple range. Not only will you experience faster ways of working but also a much safer and healthier way as well.

The following is a list of the numerous benefits the Canon Advanced series can make to your working life:

  • Cloud Connectivity – This means that you do not have to be in the proximity of your own printer in order to access your stored files and data as everything is stored under the same network.

    You can scan or print from your saved information on any compatible device without hassle. This also means that communications are improved within the workspace as everyone is connected under the same network allowing for easier file sharing.

  • Mobile Working – Being able to access your printing device through your mobile phone is a very handy application. This means being able to access your files and being able to print no matter where you are. As stated above, cloud connectivity is what enables this to happen as the printers information is stored on the web which you can then obtain on your smartphone.

  • Improved Technology – Simple drag and drop features, fast connection speeds and quality print production there is an overall improvement in the speed and standard of your printing experience. You can also access the internet from your printer saving time and effort of having to manually connect it to a laptop or computer. From this you can print directly from a webpage.

  • Safety – The new imageRUNNER ADVANCE series is very safety conscious focusing on secure entry methods for each user. This can range from having to insert a proxy card in order to access your profile, use finger print scanning or just simple pass codes. Along with this, the files you send and receive are all tracked so you know where something came from and the data are kept stored so you never lose important information.

  • Environmentally Friendly – In today’s hectic business environments it’s easy to forget about the need to save energy and reduce paper consumption. However, this is not the case for Canon who understands the need to protect our environment by implementing resource controls on their new series so that there is no waste or unnecessary energy used. Along with this, the components used in the hardware are made from fully recyclable plastic meaning a safer production of fuels and gases omitted.

  • Customisable – The user interface is completely changeable meaning you can decide the file boxes you want on your home screen along with the design and layout. This helps to improve workers production times as they have their own specific accounts e.g. the human resource manager might have a report box for employee records.

  • Multi-User Capabilities – As discussed in the safety section there is the option for many users to be registered onto the same Canon Advanced printer
  • through a server-less application known as the Universal Login Manager. This makes it great for businesses as numerous people can have their own specific printing database without having to purchase individual devices for each. You simply log in to your user profile, identifiable by your chosen picture, and clear the security method put in place.

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