Cybersecurity needs to be a priority in organisations as cyberattacks and data breaches aren’t going to stop any time soon. The truth is that these attacks are growing in number each year. More importantly, they are becoming more sophisticated.

The number of data breaches alone increased by 17% in 2019 as compared to the previous year. Industry experts project that the total cost of damages associated with cyberattacks is going to reach €5.43 billion by 2021.

Clearly, cybersecurity needs to on top of your agenda to avoid sanctions from regulatory bodies and to keep your company open for business. You see, one study reported that 60% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that experience cyberattacks close down within six months.

When you secure your IT environment, do not forget to include your print infrastructure which remains to be a security blind spot in numerous businesses. Having insecure printers makes your company vulnerable to data loss.

Ideally, print security should be integrated with your company’s overall IT security. This is the only way to ensure everything is protected – devices, data and network.

But creating and implementing a print security strategy that addresses all printer vulnerabilities is not easy. You’d need the expertise of an MPS provider to come up with an effective plan.

How exactly can an MPS company help your firm have a robust print infrastructure and attain cyber resilience?

Conduct In-Depth Print Security Assessment

This assessment is going to help identify potential weak points in the existing print environment. This includes checking your entire fleet. One of the common issues uncovered during this audit is the presence of old devices with outdated firmware. Using these machines can make your network more susceptible to hacks.

The audit would not just focus on your printer fleet. It is also going to cover printing practices in your company. This entails interviewing employees to learn about what they print and how they use the devices, amongst others.

Using the information gathered during the assessment, the MPS provider determines your security risks and regulatory compliance. These are going to help them in creating the right print security strategy for your company.

Create a Secure Printing Policy

An open network where everyone has access to everything is a security risk. Similarly, using printers wherein anyone can claim printed documents makes your company vulnerable to data leaks. Fortunately, these issues can be easily addressed.

For one, the MPS provider can implement policies to control not only the devices that employees have access to but also the device functions that they can use. This can minimise incidents of confidential documents falling in the hands of unauthorised personnel – one of the most common print-related data leaks. Utilising the pull printing feature in MFPs, documents are only released after the owner inputs his/her PIN.

Train Users

Human error accounts for a handful of data loss incidents in companies. This is why education and training need to be an integral part of building a secure print environment.

Employees need to be aware of the different security issues associated with printers. They should also be taught how to properly use MFPs to minimise data leaks.

Again, these are things an MPS provider can help you with. A reputable company ensures that employees are given the training they need to use devices the right way and to mitigate print-related security risks.

Monitor Printer Usage

Even with security protocols and MFPs with state-of-the-art security features in place, it is still possible for data breaches to occur. This is why it is important that printer usage is continuously monitored.

There are solutions and built-in features in MFPs (auditing tools) which can make this task easier. The audit logs can be very useful in case of a breach as it can help you identify the possible culprit. These logs also can help you identify new vulnerabilities in the infrastructure.

Securing your print environment is a very challenging goal, but it’s not unattainable. All you need to do is to partner with the right MPS provider to build a resilient and secure print infrastructure.

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