Do you own a midsized company? Do your employees do a lot of printing, copying or scanning in your office? If you answered yes to both questions, you should get Canon’s uniFLOW Online for your business.

Canon uniFLOW Online is a new solution which enables companies to effectively manage their fleet of copiers, printers and MFPs. This print management software is ideal for small or medium enterprises where printing and other print-related activities like scanning and copying are integral parts of their day-to-day affairs.

Why do you need a print management software? You have to monitor your fleet of copiers, printers and MFPs to make sure that they are serving their purpose – that is to make business processes more efficient and employees more productive. Furthermore, you need to ensure that these devices are assets and not liabilities. Without oversight, printers and print-related activities can be sources of overspending and data leaks – these things are not good for your business.

Benefits of Having Canon uniFLOW Online

Better Data Security

Several reports have shown that printing and other print-related activities are the most common sources of data breaches in a lot of companies. This is primarily because many businesses take the security of their printing fleet for granted. In fact, even in the reports about the preparations companies were making for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), secure printing wasn’t on top of the agenda of most business owners.

You cannot afford to be oblivious of printers and print-related activities being potential sources of data leaks. These breaches can result in hefty fines (with the implementation of the GDPR) and irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

If you have Canon uniFLOW online, you can prevent these data leaks. How? You can make networked devices only accessible to authorised users. Furthermore, you can eliminate scenarios wherein printed documents are left unclaimed on the output tray or are claimed by the wrong people. These are the most common causes of data leaks. With Canon uniFLOW Online, printed documents are only released after users or owners enter their pin code or use their proximity card.

Minimise Wastage, Control Cost

Did you know that numerous companies, especially those that do not have print management software, overspend on their printing? The same thing may be happening in your office!

There are different reasons for the overspending. One of them is printing excessive coloured documents. Coloured printing is more expensive than black and white printing. Truth be told, not all documents used in your office need to be printed in colour, especially those which are just for inhouse use. For example, hardcopies of email can be printed in black and white. However, since many offices fail to adjust the settings of their printers, documents are automatically printed in colour.

Another source of wastage and overspending is excessive printing. Some employees tend to print extra copies which they end up throwing away later on. Similarly, copies which are printed and never claimed also add to the wastage.

So, how can Canon uniFLOW Online help you minimise printing waste and control expenses? The software has features which allow you to track printing behaviours in your office. You can generate a report that can show print volume per employee or division and types of documents being printed, amongst others. With Canon uniFLOW, you get vital pieces of information which can help you create policies to minimise or eliminate wastage and avoid going beyond your printing budget. Moreover, with its rule-based routing feature, you can control how much each employee or division prints as well as set up the device to limit coloured printing.

Secure Mobile Printing

In many companies, mobile printing is becoming a necessity, especially with the adoption of the BYOD policy. This is understandable with businesses becoming even more fast-paced and employees being always on the move.

With these changes, you cannot have policies wherein employees could only print in one designated or assigned printer. They should be able to use any printer that is near them. This is necessary if you want your employees to save time and become more productive.

Canon uniFLOW Online can make it possible for you to implement secure mobile printing. It has a pull printing or follow me print feature which lets employees print at the nearest printer. However, for security purposes, these documents are only released after the user enters his/her authorisation code. The software also has features which make it possible for employees to securely print using their mobile devices or smartphone.

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