So how exactly can you help the third world with your old photocopiers?  There are many programmes that will help you achieve this.  Some of the programmes will allow you to trade your old machine in and get a discount on a new one while others do not offer the trade option.  The question is what do these programmes then do with the machine.

Some of the programmes will take your machine and sell them on.  These programmes will then give the money to a charity or to a certain cause that will help people in third world countries.  Other programmes will take the machines and donate them to causes and charities that need them.  Some of the machines will go to schools where they will help with education programmes in these countries.  If the machine does not work that well these programmes will usually have someone who can help fix them.

Trading in your old copier can not only help you but also people in the third world.  There are many programmes that will take your old machine and give them to causes that need them.  They may also sell the machine and give the money to a cause that needs it.

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