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Four Great Tips for Managing Your Printing CostsPart of running a business is keeping your expenses down. If you have high overhead, it can quickly eat up revenue that would have been profit. One of these expenses is certainly printing costs. Thankfully, there are ways to make your printing expenses more manageable. Below is a list of four ways you can better manage your printing costs.

1. Invest in a Laser Printer and Copier

One way to bring down printing costs is by avoiding inkjet printers. It’s no secret. Printer ink, for whatever reason, is exorbitantly expensive and has remained so for decades. Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner. While toner cartridges may not be cheap either, there are many great benefits to toner over ink. It allows for faster printing, and a toner cartridge is able to print far more pages than an ink cartridge. Overall, if you print a lot of pages in your office on a daily basis, you’ll certainly want to go with a laser printer and copier.

2. Print Your Own Labels

Another thing you may want to do to better manage your printing costs is to stop outsourcing your print work to third party printing companies. For example, if you need to print out labels for your product, you can do this in your own facilities in exchange for a rather reasonable investment. Simply purchase your own label printer and start printing out the stickers on your own. You’ll find that the job isn’t that difficult and doesn’t require the expertise of an outside company.

3. Take Advantage of Draft Mode

One thing many people don’t know about is the draft mode option available on most printers. When draft mode is selected, a printer will not print out the full matrix of dots that it normally does when draft mode is not selected. Instead, it only prints out some of the dots.

This produces a slightly dottier and lighter appearance to the text on a printed page. However, it will still be very readable. This can be a great option to save on ink or toner when printing out documents in the office that will likely shortly find their way to the recycling bin.

4. Stick to Black and White

Unless you need to print out something particularly important, you should print out all your documents in black and white as a default. Printing out documents in colour takes much longer and requires more electricity. Colour ink and toner is also an added expense and can make replacing your cartridges more of a hassle.

A good idea is to invest in a cheaper black and white printer for most of your printing needs. You can have a second much smaller colour printer for those few times you do need to print out in colour such as when you’re trying to impress clients or business partners.

If you need help managing your printing needs, please contact us at We can more than likely find the best printing solutions for you and your business.