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There was a time when company owners simply bought the furniture they require without regard for user experience. What mattered was that employees get the tools they need to perform their tasks. The scenario is very different nowadays with more businesses adopting ergonomic office furniture.

For decades now, ergonomic has been the buzz word in the corporate sphere. Yet, it has just been recently when companies started embracing ergonomic office furniture. What’s driving the adoption of safe and comfortable workplace chairs, desks and the like?

For one, more companies are now prioritising the well-being of their employees – serving healthy meals, offering free gym memberships and providing ergonomic office furniture. Studies reveal that employee well-being impacts productivity. Basically, healthier employees are more motivated and productive. Moreover, enterprises that prioritise employee wellbeing experience lower absenteeism and higher staff retention.

Also, awareness about the consequences of poor posture (such as slouching when sitting) and positioning has been growing. In the long run, a bad posture takes its toll on the spine, shoulders hips and knees. This can result in back and joint pains. Research indicates that lower back pain is the world’s most common disability in the workplace. It accounts for a third of all work-related disability. When left untreated, these pains can become chronic, forcing employees to stay out of work more frequently.

The financial cost of having poor occupational safety and health practices is another reason for the adoption of ergonomic furniture. Illnesses and injuries in the workplace result in lost working hours and consequently, lost earnings. Reports estimate that around 150 million working days were lost in the EU due to illnesses and injuries. This translates to billions in lost revenues for companies.

Lastly, unlike in the past, sourcing ergonomic office furniture is much easier nowadays. This is primarily due to the increase in their availability. Moreover, these ergonomic chairs, tables and other pieces of workplace furniture are not just employee-friendly but also sturdy and functional. They even come in different styles, making it easier for companies to find one which suits their taste.

In summary, ergonomic office solutions are no longer ‘nice to have’; instead, they are essential for companies to stay operational and competitive. In fact, enterprises that have safe and comfortable office furniture are seeing an excellent return in their investment with their medical expenses (and legal expenses) reduced. Plus, with happier and healthier employees, their workforce productivity is up as well as their revenues. On top of a decrease in attrition, they also do not encounter difficulties recruiting high-quality employees.

So, if you are planning to purchase pieces of furniture for your office, make your employees’ safety and health your top consideration. For example, when choosing an office chair, consider its material, height, width and lumbar support, among others. Please keep in mind that your employees are going to use the chair for eight hours or more. So, pick one that’s going to support good posture and the lower back. Ideally, the chair should be adjustable with a width that’s going to support any employee comfortably.

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