Nothing can be more frustrating than a printer that’s out of ink when you’re rushing to print an all-important document, say a quarterly report for a client. This kind of incident is not unusual in a lot of offices, especially those that don’t pay attention to their printer fleet.

Admittedly, although they are one of the most used devices in offices, printers are often the most neglected equipment. In fact, when it comes to IT security, printers are usually last on the list of managers even if they’ve been reported several times as potential gateways for security breaches.

What’s more is that printing expense takes up 3% of the revenue of most companies. Yes, this is a huge amount of money! Yet, it is not enough for most organisations to prioritise the improvement of their printers and printing process.

The thing is that the problem mentioned above, as well as other printer issues, can easily be avoided with a print audit.

What Is a Print Audit?

Every business wherein printers are integral in their workflow processes should get a print audit. So, if your company falls under this category, do not delay getting an audit as this can be very beneficial to your organisation.

A print audit is a thorough inspection or review of an organisation’s printing environment. The goal here is to accurately assess a printer fleet’s security and efficiency. It is also meant to determine how much money a company is losing due to printing wastage.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Print Audit?

Save Money and Improve Printing Process

A print audit lets you know exactly how much money you are spending (and wasting) on printing. Did you know that more than 80% of organisations have no idea how much they are spending on printing?

To a handful of business owners and managers, printing a sheet or two isn’t heavy on the pocket. What they do not realise is that these sheets multiply in number over a period of time and can significantly impact revenue. This is why those who get an audit for the first time end up getting surprised when they see just how much printing is affecting their bottom line.

When you get a print audit, you don’t just find out your print volume and printing expense but also why this is the case. You are going to learn the printing habits in your organisation including which of your machines are heavily utilised and which users print the most documents.

Basically, a print audit can provide you with pertinent information which can help you improve your printing process to increase efficiency and reduce wastage.

Minimise Downtime

Dealing with faulty printers or other printer issues is not just frustrating; it is also a waste of time. These scenarios need to be minimised or eliminated as they can hamper productivity and eventually, affect your revenue.

These printer issues can be prevented if you have the right device for your printing needs. An audit can determine this. Furthermore, it can also provide information about the maintenance of your device.


When printers are routinely monitored and checked, issues which can stop day-to-day operation can be avoided. Your employees can do their job without delays.

Enhance Security

Another benefit of having a printer audit is that vulnerabilities in your print infrastructure are discovered. As mentioned earlier, poor print security is one of the leading causes of data breaches. According to surveys, many companies admit to experiencing data leaks because of their printers and printing processes.

Data breaches can be costly, especially with the existence of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Aside from incurring hefty fines, your company’s reputation can get ruined because of data breaches. So, make sure any printer vulnerabilities are identified and addressed immediately.

Lessen Impact on Environment

When you evaluate your print operations, you optimise the use of your devices as well as consumables. This means you avoid or minimise wasting paper as well as ink. Furthermore, you also reduce your energy consumption. All these won’t just benefit your bottom line but also the environment.

Nowadays, some companies put a premium on working with green enterprises. Hence, when you reduce your energy usage and waste, you company can become more attractive to these businesses.

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Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay