Document Management for Office PrintersHello, efficient office workplaces require timely and proper handling of hard copy and electronic documents.

An important step is to acquire the right set of multifunctional printer/copier systems, but vital to optimising the functionality of those systems is a matter of software acquisition and configuration.

In the case of Canon, the arrival of its powerful iW360 software suite makes it simpler and faster than ever to ensure maximum benefits from Canon multifunction printers.

Would you like to:

  • Streamline working practices?
  • Save time at each stage of the document life-cycle?
  • Create amazing documents almost instantly?
  • Collaborate and communicate with colleagues more efficiently?
  • Improve the way you store and search documents?
  • Create business workflows activated by one-touch buttons?

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Streamline office working practices

Combining information from numerous sources – such as Word, Excel and emails – can be extremely time-consuming.

With Canon’s iW360 software, all you do is drag and drop the files you need into a single file, which then can be edited and published.

Small adjustments – such as creating uniform fonts and colours, or adding contents pages, headers and footers – are then easy to make before printing the completed document on a Canon printer device.

Collaborate and communicate more efficiently

It is not always possible to work face-to-face on a project. Canon iW360 makes collaborative working possible via a set of electronic cabinets. These can be set up and all relevant documentation associated with a project saved into it.

Whenever a team member accesses and updates a document, all group members are notified via a pop-up box. Because only one person at a time is allowed to modify a document, the most current up-to-date version is always maintained.

Improve the way you store and search documents

Canon iW360 also allows you to store documents in a way that enables words or phrases to be searched for later. This ensures that the information you need is always readily to hand, a great time and frustration saver.

Create business workflows activated by one-touch buttons

Canon iW360 lets you transform time-consuming tasks into one-button touch workflows. These are easy to set up and can include a wide variety of functions, including copying, faxing, sending via email, or scanning to ftp.

For example, you might need to send a regular report to a number of contacts, by various methods.

Using Canon iW360 you can create a routine which scans the report and then sends it to 5 different fax numbers, 25 email addresses and creates 10 copies for nearby colleagues on your Canon MFP.

This routine can then be stored within iW360, all at the touch of a button.


Canon iW360 Document Management software bundles Canon’s five leading applications into one neat and total solution.

Canon iW360 contains the following applications:

Canon iW Function Flow
Personalise the end-user experience on your Canon multifunctional printer device with pre-registered buttons. Configure your buttons for your particular job.

Compact PDF
Reduce the size of even the largest paper documents when you convert them to an electronic data file allowing you to keep network traffic down to a minimum.

Searchable PDF
Easily find key words and data in scanned and distributed documents thanks to the comprehensive OCR engine within the Searchable PDF capability of iW360.

Canon iW Document Manager (iWDM)
Provides entry level document management for project teams, workgroups and departments.

With iW Document Manager, your teams can simplify the processes of document capture, document management and document distribution.

A familiar and easy to use Windows Explorer-style interface allows you to manage your mission critical data with ease.

Canon iW Publishing Manager (iWPM)

Rapidly and easily compiles complex electronic data files together into one easily manageable and printable document.

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Barry Daly