For business owners, it’s imperative that operations continuously run without any interruption. A few minutes of inactivity every day can significantly affect the productivity of the operations which would then be reflected in the revenue. This is why having a photocopier service contract is non-negotiable especially if your business is reliant on photocopiers for your business operations.

Disadvantages of Not Having a Photocopier Service Contract

Repair Can Take Too Long

Without a service contract, it can take a while for a photocopier repair company to check your equipment. Often, these service providers have other clients who have service contracts with them. If they require repair services the same day as you do, they will be on top of the list, not you.

Meanwhile, if you are leasing the copier and opted not to get a service contract from the photocopier leasing company, your provider does not need to comply with any service level agreement, unless otherwise stated. If your photocopier stops working and you need to get it repaired, there is no guarantee that the provider can respond to your request for support immediately.

Another reason why you may be on the fence about getting a service contract is that you’re counting on your IT team to do it. This option may work if your IT department isn’t swamped with work. However, this is not the case for a lot of SMEs since IT departments are often undermanned. Giving them this task won’t help their productivity. Furthermore, they may not have the right people for the job since repairing a photocopier requires thorough knowledge of the machine.

Costs Can Skyrocket

If there’s no service contract, you won’t be able to manage costs. Since you need your equipment repaired as soon as possible(ASAP), you might be forced to get the first available company even if its fees are too steep. It is also not unusual in this scenario for labour costs to shoot up if the copier’s damage is more extensive. Lastly, you might have to spend on replacement parts which are usually expensive.

No Assurance of Quality Service

Again, since you are eager to get your device repaired, you may not have time to properly vet the service provider you are considering. This can be very risky since you might end up with a dodgy repair company that does not put a premium training its personnel. Hence, the so-called repair specialist handling your device may not actually have the technical know-how and skills to solve your concern. Worse, he might end up damaging the device further.

Why Get a Photocopier Service Contract

Basically, the disadvantages mentioned above can really wreak havoc on various aspects of your business – operations, productivity and even finances. Fortunately, these problems are preventable if you have a service contract with a reputable photocopier repair company.

Having a photocopier service contract means getting the repair service you need when you need it. There is no need to wait too long as any request for repair or support is going to be handled quickly. Often, service providers inform clients what their response time is. With this information, you can work around that response time to keep your operations up and running.

On top of the quick response time, you are also guaranteed that the equipment is repaired properly. The possibility of the copier bogging down again because of the same issue is minimal. This is mainly because of the well-trained copier repair specialists employed by your service provider.

In addition, when you have a service contract, you do not have to deal with ‘surprise’ costly repair expenditures. You pay a fixed amount per month or contract, depending on your agreement. Since this is already plotted into you budget, you do not have to worry about disruptions in your cash flow. Remember, when it comes to your company’s finances, it is easier to deal with fixed costs than variable ones. You also do not have to think about spending on replacement parts since, in most cases, the service contract provider pays for it.

Overall, you can expect little to no downtime when you have a photocopier service contract. This is important because it minimises the effect of a broken photocopier on your employees’ productivity and overall revenue.

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Photo by Mark Turnauckas Do You Need to Get a Photocopier Service Contract?