In the last decade, copier technology has greatly advanced. Those used today do more than just make copies; they are also capable of printing and scanning. Yet, even with the impressive development in copier technology, paper jams have not been eradicated. In fact, they continue to be the top copier-related problem.

Copier paper jams can be extremely frustrating, especially in the office where people race against time to accomplish their deliverables. When this problem occurs, your employees are not just able to copy the documents they need; they also lose precious time. In the business world, time is money. Hence, if your office frequently experiences paper jams, it is not unlikely for your workforce productivity to decline and your revenues to be negatively affected.

There’s no denying that copier paper jams are disruptive and need to be avoided. So, what can you do to prevent and fix this type of photocopier problem?

How to Prevent Copier Paper Jams in Your Office

The key to avoiding, or at least minimising, paper jams is to train your employees on how to properly use the copier. While a lot of people think that this problem occurs because of the machine, most cases of paper jams are actually due to human error. Therefore, when your employees are given information about the machine and recommendations on how to operate it, incidence of paper jams in your office can be reduced.

One of the most common causes of this problem is improper paper feeding. So, teach your employees the right way of loading the material – the paper needs to touch all sides of the guides in the tray and a stack of paper should not be misaligned.

The quality and condition of the printing material must also be checked. As much as possible, your office should use the recommended grade of paper for your device. This is not just to avoid jams but to ensure high quality outputs and protect your machine from potential damages. In addition, inform your employees that loading damp or crumpled paper must be avoided at all times. Meanwhile, if they are using a thick paper, they should manually load it to guarantee that it follows a straight path.

Cleaning the copier’s rubber rollers can also minimise incidents of paper jams. Paper dust can accumulate along the paper path and prevent the rollers from feeding paper properly. Lastly, tell your employees to remove stacked papers on the output tray before copying.

How to Fix Copier Paper Jams

As jams cannot be totally avoided, it is highly recommended that you teach your employees how to fix or handle this problem, too.

The first thing that must be done in case paper jam happens is to assess the problem. If it is a complex jam, it is best to call your copier service provider. Instruct your employees to never tinker with the internal components of your machine. Doing this can cause further damage to your copier and result in costly repairs.

Also, remind your employees not to forcibly yank jammed paper as this can make the problem worse. The paper can get ripped and a part of it can get stuck in the copier.

Nowadays, advanced copiers have visual tutorials on how to fix the jam. You can refer to this when teaching your employees how to remove the paper. Some copiers can even inform users where the jam is.

It is important to note that, when the paper jam keeps recurring, it is a signal that a small piece of paper may be stuck within. It can also mean that certain parts of your copier, like the feed rollers, need replacement. In both cases, you need the expertise of a copier service provider to resolve the issue.

Suffice it to say, on top of training your employees on handling paper jams and your machine, having a copier maintenance contract can be very beneficial. When your equipment bogs down, you can count on professionals to check on your device and fix it immediately. With this, you avoid prolonged copier downtime and disruptions in your operations.

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