Have you been looking for a copier that will offer the best services? You will agree with me that there are many copiers in the market today. But, how many of them are efficient and have outstanding features? How many brands can withstand the test of time and still offer the much-needed services in offices?

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Every business today concentrates on any office device that can provide increased flexibility and customization. Well, these are the key points that were considered when creating Canon third generation copiers. These copiers are manufactured by Canon. a leading digital imaging solution organization.

The latest copiers that were released recently are the image RUNNER ADVANCE 4500 Series. These devices (image RUNNER ADVANCE 4525i, 4551i, 4535i, and 4545i) combined powerful scanning abilities, advanced personalization, as well as additional security features.

The models can offer great document workflow systems for any mid-sized office, departments in large corporations, and even document intensive industries that need cost-effective, efficient, monochrome printing. The copiers can be used in offices in various sectors like education, financial services, legal, and healthcare.

Here is why you need to consider this new Canon third generation copier:

Efficiency in workflow

The expectations of the workforce keep changing as technology advances. The third generation models have improved customization and are capable of supporting third-party cloud services2 by using the ADVANCE Cloud Portal3 which is optional. Created to assist organizations to improve productivity and save time, Canon third generation copiers come with strong sets of standard features such as the single-pass duplex scanning document feeder. This feature is powerful as it helps in delivering high scanning speeds and sheet capacity nine times faster than predecessor models.

Security features

The Canon ADVANCE 4500 series have enhanced security features. The Universal Login Manager is a server-less authentication solution that allows the user to personalize the needed settings without compromising control. Once the authentication is done, the solution interfaces with each person’s preferred settings and functions and also helps to control the user access. This meets the personalization expectations of each individual and the access control requirements of an enterprise environment.

The copiers also have excellent new scanning capabilities that assist you to finish the task quickly so that resources can be moved to other priorities. The models can support various finishing options such as booklet-making, staple-free stapling, hole-punching, and staple on demand.


The models have features that assist in reducing waste and are designed to consume low energy, hence limiting emissions.

Cost management

The ADVANCE 4500 series copier models allow businesses to manage the print and document costs. They can control the employee access and usage by using the advanced user authentication found in the Universal Login Manager. The ULM comes standard on the models. The copiers can also be connected to the uniFLOW online solution, especially if you want to control and track your printing.

With all these merits, you can’t afford to ignore the usefulness of these new Canon third generation copiers. Call or email us today for more details on how you can get your copier. You can also contact us if you have any other related questions.

To learn more about Canon Third Generation Copiers please call us now on 1890 987 900.