Every business owner has the same dilemma. How do I process my documents effectively and efficiently without the cost of multiple machines? A multifunctional device by its very nature provides the answer to that question. It is no secret that in order to run your business effectively you need to be able to send documents to your customers and clients. You also need to store those documents.

Accessibility Is a Key Ingredient
Accessibility to your documents is a key ingredient in doing business. With Canon’s line of multifunctional printers, you can scan documents easily onto an online folder, into an internal database set up to capture documents or in external cloud database. You can also scan and print from anywhere.

Storage: Where do I put my documents?
Storage is just as important as accessibility. Your business has certain requirements to keep documents for a certain time period. You just don’t have the space or the time to deal with documents. Canon gives you the best of both worlds with its multifunctional printers. You can scan your paper documents to be stored at a certain online location and print it out physically at the same time.

Security is critical to your business survival
Every business has had security issues with documents. It’s no secret that if you can’t control who is receiving your documents, then you are bound to have problems with security. Canon offers easy to use secure access to print and scanned documents. Administrators now have the ability to track leakage and control who is receiving classified and confidential documents. Please click here to view a comprehensive guide to document security in your office

Canon’s multi-layered security solutions provide businesses with the tools to eliminate security leaks. Canon’s ImageRUNNER Advance series of multifunctional printers have a security chip with tamper-resistant hardware that stores passwords and encryption keys.

Making the Connections: Sharing Information
What many businesses treasure is the ability to make connections with customers and clients from anywhere in the world. New technologies demand new ways of making these connections. Online connections are easier when you can share information about your products electronically.

Cloud based connections and workflows help you share information with colleagues and clients worldwide. Canon’s web ready and cloud based connections allow your business to implement your cloud based system and share your web pages through their multi-functional printers. You can easily scan paper documents, process electronic documents and share documents through your existing communication systems. Enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle are easily integrated with Canon’s middleware technology to create a seamless workflow.

Powering the Process: How Do I Control My Document Workflow?
The real secret power of multi-functional printers is the ability to control document workflow. You need to be able to keep track of your information. The document workflow that you implement is going to be a key ingredient in how successful your business is in the long run.

With Canon’s intelligent time saving tools, you are able to effectively control where and when you receive documents.

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