Are you apprehensive about upgrading your copying machine? Don’t be! Some business owners, especially those from small and medium enterprises, may think that replacing photocopiers to keep up with trends is impractical and unnecessary, but it’s not! Given the current photocopier trends, you will realise that your business stands to gain a lot if you upgrade. Read on to learn about these benefits.

Keep Your Business Secure

As more companies fall prey to data breaches, many copier manufacturers have set their eyes on creating topnotch security solutions for their devices. Hence, expect a rise in the proliferation of copy machines with secure release solutions and high levels of encryption. Others even have security features which prevent data restoration by randomly encrypting and overwriting the hard drive.

How can these security features benefit your business? With reports showing that security breaches may cause companies to lose millions, purchasing a copier with a robust security feature is a move which can keep your reputation untarnished and prevent your company from losing money.

Avoid Revenue Loss

Canon brings to the market a technology that helps in minimising equipment downtime and ensures quick resolution of device-related issues. Its imageRUNNER ADVANCE C255/355 series and imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3500 series can be managed remotely. Fleet managers can perform tasks, such as running diagnostics and monitoring consumables like toners, without visiting clients’ offices. Most importantly, when it isn’t performing up to par or when it is encountering critical technical issues, these new models of Canon photocopiers automatically sends alerts to maintenance service providers or fleet managers, even during outside of office hours.

With the aforementioned features of Canon’s latest imageRUNNER models, you don’t have to worry about prolonged equipment downtime. Since maintenance service providers are alerted immediately, you can expect faster turnaround time for repairs. Consequently, with equipment downtime minimised, you also lessen opportunity and revenue loss.

Reduce Company Expenses

The security features of some photocopiers do not just prevent data breaches but also allows you to reduce printing cost. How? With a copier capable of tracking and recording of print jobs, employees are less likely to print non-office materials. Moreover, the data you gather can help you understand the printing practises in your office as well as identify ways to minimise wastage and reduce printing cost. Meanwhile, devices with ‘log in to print’ feature or the pull printing system prevents documents ending up in the wrong hands. This translates to the elimination of reprint costs

Make The Printing Process Simpler And More Convenient

With the growing popularity of the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) practise and the adoption of telecommuting in many companies, wireless connectivity is expected to be an essential feature of photocopiers. With this feature, the need for employees to use company-owned devices and join local network or access the Internet to print documents is eliminated. On top of that, employees aren’t limited to using desktops or laptops to accomplish their printing tasks; they may use tablets and even their mobile phones.

Suffice it to say, this trend makes the printing tasks simpler and your workflow process better. It also allows employees to save time and makes things more convenient for them.

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