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25 Years: Photocopiers and Office Solutions for Your Business

25 years! in business helping small and medium businesses in the Greater Dublin Area with office printer and document management solutions

Canon Photocopiers


Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5500 Range

  • Secure “Guest Printing” through ~
  • Unique “Nearfield” Wi-Fi connection
  • DADF features skip black page scanning
  • Paper jam detect scanning

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It's not just about choosing a photocopier...


Leasing Benefits:
  • Spread the cost over 1-5 years
  • Tax advantages
  • Improved business cash flow
  • Future upgrade opportunity
Photocopiers Dublin, Canon Copiers Ireland

Photocopiers & Office Solutions
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Canon Uniflow

Canon uniFLOW Save your organisation time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer fleet. The uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organisation''s specific needs. Control scanning, printing and copying effectively with uniFLOW!

Print Savings

Huge Print Savings!
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Simple, accountable, fixed on all Office Print and Copy Solutions - see how you can benefit!

Printers & Copiers

Printers & Copiers

Massive Savings on All Canon Printers & Copy Solutions

Advancing business opportunities, Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Office Colour and Black and White range that will transform your office!
Printers & Copiers

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Choose the Most Effective Managed Print Services for Business

You will spend 1-3% of your total annual company’s revenue generating documents. But you can dramatically reduce this with Managed Print Services.
Managed Print Services

IT Support Dublin

IT Support Dublin

Reliable and Fast IT Support – Get the Most from Your Technology

Your technology investment can deliver real business benefits – talk to us today about how we can take the headaches out of running your office systems.
IT Services

Office Fitout

Office Fitout

Best Use of Office Space with High Quality Office Furniture

From executive offices to boardrooms, open plan offices and reception areas we offer the space planning solutions and office furniture to meet your exact needs.
Office Fit Out

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1326400241_299421700_1-Pictures-of--PrinterCopier-Repair-CenterPrinting Solutions for Your Business:

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SHRC Limited: “Office Technology’s service is super!”

Dalkey Lodge Nursing Home: “Office Technology’s service is outstanding.”

MLI International Schools: “Office Technology’s service is very helpful.”

Schindler: “Office Technology’s service is excellent.”

Sandyford Motor Centre: “Office Technology is great company to work with!”

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J Coffey Construction: Office Technology’s service is perfect.

South Dublin County Partnership: Office Technology’s service is very helpful.

Children’s Medical & Research Foundation: Office Technology’s service is excellent.

Thanks for organising the new Canon printer for me last week. It is already paying dividends in terms of increased productivity which is great.

Outstanding customer service received from Office Technology.


I’ve just taken delivery of 4 toners for our photocopier, I presume that’s from the order placed this morning? If it is, that’s exceptionally fast and impressive.

All calls dealt with in a professional manner, friendly staff.

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“I’ve found the remote access support works really well for me as I’m often on the road and need my system sorted on the spot. It’s easy to just log on, make the call, and get it sorted immediately.”

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ATC Language & Travel

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What are the huge advantages of Canon photocopiers?

~ Keeping your business information secure – Canon keeps print environments secure:

  1. Confidentiality – ensuring critical information from invoices to strategic plans and in physical or electronic formats remains confidential.
  2. Integrity – information remains true to the original version thanks to the control of changes or deletions by prior authorisation.
  3. Availability – as well as being secure, we ensure the information our customers need is available when and where required and in the right form.

~ Keeping your document management costs as low as possible:

  1. Estimated overall 30% reduction in document handling costs
  2. Device management easier for information technology staff
  3. Information Technology helpdesk calls relating to printing will drop by an estimated 30% in the first year
  4. The spend of print outsourcing will drop by an estimated 30%
  5. There will be a marked increase in employee satisfaction with office equipment provision

~ Keeping the environment healthy – Canon is well known for their positive approach to our earth’s resources:

“Canon’s commitment to producing energy-efficient products has been clear for the past few years now,” said Peter Emory, Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI)’s manager of laboratory testing. “It’s plain for anyone to see the significantly lower than average energy results available throughout Canon’s A3 product line.”

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Amidst the deadlines and fast-paced office mentality, any inefficiency is detrimental to not only productivity but also morale. Canon photocopiers provide an elegant solution to many of the problematic obstacles that typically arise on a daily basis. Multi-function printers are beneficial to workflow, budgets, and even the environment. Just take a look at some of the advantages that Canon can integrate into your workplace.

With multiple functions, Canon photocopiers save space by performing the work of equipment that wastes room unnecessarily. By consolidating printing, faxing, scanning and copying all into one machine, you improve the flow of traffic throughout the office as well as streamline the process of each task through the intuitive interface of these devices which are easily accessed through vibrant touch-screens. You can expect morale to remain high amongst employees as they can more easily complete projects more efficiently.

Perhaps just as important are the financial benefits Canon integrates. Through energy-saving modes as well as cost-effective printing options, these photocopiers work for you to save money with every task. Investing in a multi-function printer is more than just affordable, it is a wise decision that will save your budget long-term. Maintenance is simple as well as environmentally friendly. So not only are you saving your business money but also lessening its impact on energy consumption and waste production!

The easily replaced components of Canon’s photocopiers serve to make upkeep painless and separate consumables to ensure that each is used completely before requiring changing. Also, utilizing one printing station ensures that personal paper usage stays minimal which saves supplies as well as encourages higher productivity through time spent on job-related tasks.

Managing the most functionality from a single location within the office helps manage daily workflow as well as increases the efficiency of each task performed. Canon photocopiers are financially beneficial while helping reduce your company’s negative impact on the environment. For more detailed information about the numerous benefits Canon provides, please feel free to browse our site. Don’t waste any more time on multiple pieces of equipment. Experience the Canon convenience for yourself!

A Complete List of Canon Photocopiers Features


Searchable PDF – Searchable PDF will allow you to Scan any document to a folder location and search for it in the future using key words.

Compact PDF – When you scan to PDF on your new Canon device all PDF’s will be compacted by 95%. This is invaluable as it saves money on expensive storage space.

Scan to WORD – With the Canon IRC5200 series you will be able to scan any document directly to WORD which will allow you to edit this document immediately. On the IRC2200 series you can do this and a lot more by adding PDF Pro below.

Scan to Powerpoint – With the Canon IRC5200 series and up you will be able to scan any document directly to PowerPoint. This is extremely useful as it automatically creates a PowerPoint presentation from any document. This PowerPoint document is fully editable.

Sharepoint Integration – There is a connector available to allow you to scan directly into SharePoint from the console of your new Canon machine.

Mailboxes Standard – Mailboxes on your new Canon machine will allow you to print confidentially into your password protected mailbox. We can also set up “Automatic Deletion” policies so that uncollected prints will be deleted after a specified period of time thus saving you money on otherwise wasted prints. On the Canon IRC5200 series and up you can also create reports at the machine, from within your mailbox as you can merge and paginate separate documents.

Secure Print – Canon Secure Print is a further level of security for the printing of ultra sensitive documents.

Advanced Space – Canon Advanced Space allows sharing of document resources and project collaboration over multiple Canon devices.

Mobile Printing – Mobile printing from iPhones, iPads, Android devices and tablets is becoming an important business issue. We offer you 3 solutions, 1: Canon Mobile Print & Scan. This is a FREE Canon MEAP app which is activated through a Q Code on the machine. 2: Canon Mprint is available FREE from itunes. 3: Secure mobile printing is available through uniFLOW (please see details below)

Universal Log-in Manager – ULM is a FREE Canon app. It eliminates all of the issues around control and cost control of your new Canon device. It features 1: A physical log on which is integrated with Active Directory. This can be activated by PIN, swipe card, Username / Password or by the user simply touching a picture of themselves on the device screen. 2: Customisation of the features available to each user through log-in. 3: “Scan to me” to eliminate the unrecorded scanning of your documents to locations outside of your company. 4: Complete job tracking and reporting including several automated standard cost analysis reports to indicate who’s printing what, where and when.

Access Management System – AMS is a FREE Canon app which integrates with Active Directory. AMS allows set up from Active Directory of all aspects of the machine. It also allows IT to share out device settings to multiple machines.

Internet Protocol Security (IPSEC) – IPSEC encrypts your information during scanning. This ensures that your information will not be intercepted during transmission.

Hard Disc Drive Erase – Confidential documents are stored on printers and copiers after they have been printed. Your new Canon device with HDD erase rewrites each printed or copied document 7 times so that there is no trace left of it.

Cloud Connect – Canon Cloud Connect allows you to scan directly to Google Drive from a one touch button on the console of your new canon device or you can set this button up to scan directly to your own Company Cloud.


Fax forward to email

eCopy PDF pro – By adding PDF Pro to any Canon device you will be able to do many things with a scanned document. 1: Scan to WORD, PowerPoint, Excel. 2: Convert a PDF to any of the file formats above and vice versa. 3: Interchangeable conversion between any of the above file formats. 4: Document Compare allows you to compare two documents for changes. This feature saves alot of time when comparing signed contracts. 5: Redaction can be used to black out confidential sections of documents. 6: Bates numbering for use within the legal profession is standard.

Adobe Reader Extensions – Allows you to scan a document and your canon device will attach an Adobe Reader Extensions license to the document. This will allow the receipient to mark up and edit the document and return it to you with these changes. It is invaluable when working with others on projects, designing or negotiating contracts over the phone.

Trace and Smooth – Trace and Smooth is ideal for architects, engineers or any profession that prints large size formats. This will allow you to scan an A4 document on your new Canon device and print it off without loss of resolution or clarity on an A0+ wide format machine.

uniFLOW – uniFLOW is the only truly secure Mobile Print Solution featuring “Guest Print” as standard. It is a comprehensive Print Platform featuring 1: My print anywhere 2: Rules based printing 3: Cost analysis 4: One universal print driver for all your organisations print devices 5: Scan to me confidential scanning eliminates external company scanning 6: Full Active Directory integration.

To learn more about Canon office printers, please click here