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“Probably one of the friendliest service providers we have had at the IHF.”

“I wouldn’t use anyone else for our computer and IT requirements, and strongly suggest that businesses talk to Eamonn about their technical needs, preferably before something blows up in their office and they lose potentially vital information”


"I’ve found the remote access support works really well for me as I’m often on the road and need my system sorted on the spot.  It’s easy to just log on, make the call, and get it sorted immediately."


“Staff are Fast, Friendly and Efficient and a pleasure to deal with.”


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National Chemical Company


“Good on Knowledge, Good on Care. Understand our products, that shows you care.”


“Efficiency and Urgency is always the priority at Office Technology.”


“No comment required as the service speaks for itself.”


'I love the way Eamonn Tyrell can remotely access the computer system in our office and if I phone with a problem Eamonn just takes over from his end. It is amazing to watch my cursor flying around my computer monitor and sitting back and just watching Eamonn at work. He's a whizz kid! Long may it continue'

How Did We Ever Cope Without A Copier?

Modern technology has spring forward so fast in the last 50 years that it often brings up questions of how could we live without these advancements in technology.

The number one is the mobile phone; people believe that their lives will stop functioning without one; some people even have two or three to their name. Back in the olden days we had to make do with a landline, and even not owning one of those could seem to be life threatening.

Of course another example is the computer, wow it still amazes me how far we have come in this technical revolution. There isn’t anything we cannot do it seems now without pressing a few buttons or clicking a mouse a couple of times.

I am going to throw one out there though, one that might not have been mentioned before, how did offices cope without a copier? I mean think about it, what did we do? Write everything out multiple times? How did everybody get a copy of a memo?

The good old photocopier, not as clever and sophisticated as a PC or the internet, though without one, many offices would simply fail I believe. It sits there in the corner, gleefully performing its daily chores of copying memo’s, records, logs, or whatever other need is required without so much as a single complaint. They are even used at Christmas parties, which brings me to another question…how many bottoms do you think have been photocopied the world over? I wonder if there has been any research on that one!

An Office Would Be Lost Without One!

The copier is often the forgotten technology, though I think it definitely deserves its place in the list of things “we couldn’t live without today”.

So, for these reasons the photocopier is pretty big business here in Ireland and all over the world in fact. Every office needs one so it stands to logic that there are plenty of options when it comes to buying one, repairing one or replacing one.

If you need any of those services, there is a deluge of places you can find them. However, with as anything in life you want to make sure you get the best that you can, and at the cheapest price that you can. So by using the internet, make your choice wisely, go for a company that is reputable and offers a good warranty, free delivery and can even help you to install it.

There are a huge variety of photocopiers, all suited to different needs. The size of your office, how much work it is going to be put under, what its main tasks will be, will be some of the considerations you will have to take on board before you dip into your pocket and make that purchase.

 Long live the copier and I really believe it will. I really can’t think of anything that will replace it, at least until we do away with paper altogether!



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