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Say No To Photocopier Abuse! September 25, 2012

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Is there anything worse than a photocopier in the office that doesn’t work as it should? You are running late on a deadline and the boss wants it completed yesterday, yet to make things worse you get to the photocopier and it decides it wants to play havoc with your career.

If it doesn’t jam, it starts printing out blurred and colourful pages of absolutely nothing that resembles your work or even worse than that it prints the first page ok so you leave it to complete your job, only to come back to 100 pages of nothing.

Then there are the different error codes that come up on the front and the annoying beeps that do little more than cover up you’re swearing like in some censored movie.

I wonder just how many jobs have been lost due to photocopiers? And not just for them causing us to be late, but also when we have thrown them to the floor and jumped all over them.

Most Photocopier Faults Are Caused By Us!

That may surprise you but it is true, for one example did you know that nearly 25 percent of all reasons why photocopiers break down is because staff find it funny to photocopy their privates? The joke of doing this and handing out the photocopies to your office colleagues is getting a little bit old now, yet it still happens on a regular basis.

In fact, another reason you may want to avoid this joke is if you take a look at YouTube, you will be able to find many instances of this joke going wrong. You will see people falling through the glass and actually harming areas of their bodies that they might like to keep in one piece. So if you value your valuables…STOP!

Some Other Common Copier Problems Caused By Man!

Also try to refrain from verbal abuse, photocopiers have feelings too, you know!

In seriousness though, a photocopier is an essential part of any office, and they need to be fully functioning to ensure an efficient office. That’s why you should always get as good a quality photocopier as possible; otherwise you will waste more time and money getting them repaired whilst it will also affect the productivity of your office.

Do not scrimp on a photocopier, they are more valuable than you know to your business, the unsung hero of any office, spend a day without one and you will soon see.

And if you would like to make the best use of photocopiers, you might want to ask us for a quick quote.

Do You Use All the Functionality of Your Printing Machine? November 8, 2011

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Most people have to use some kind of printing machine in their work and private time.  What you might not be doing is using all of the functions that these machines have to offer.  Most people do not know all of the functions that their machines are capable of and this should be remedied.  By using more of the functions you may be able to work more effectively as well as improve performance in the long run.

Today’s printing machines are rather advanced

Technology is always advancing from computers to phones to printing machines.  More and more functions are being offered by these machines in an effort to make our lives easier.  However, a lot of people find these machines to be too advanced with some functions they don’t know what to do with.  It is best to know that even with the great advances made you can choose which printer you want and some have a lot fewer functions than others.

Printers have functions that you might not need to use at certain times

If you are going for a top of the range printer you will probably find functions that you should not use all the time.  One function that many people do not always use is the print on both sides of the page.  Not all documents should be printed like this so there are certain times when this would not be used.  There are many other functions such as tone setting and when to print in black and white that will not be used all the time.  It is up to you as to when you use all the functions that are on offer.

Copiers and knowing when to use all the functions

It is great to have all these functions but the real problem comes with knowing when and how to use all of them.  One way to find out about all the functions copiers have is to check the manual.  The manual will have a list of all the functions, what they do and how to turn them on and off.  If you are one of the many people who find manual hard to understand then you can get an expert to help you.  Many machine manufacturers will have support or a customer service which you can call in order to get help with your new machine.  This help will generally include helping you figure out all the functions of the machine.

Does using the functions of photocopiers help in the long run?

The real question is why photocopiers and printers have so many functions?  One reason is to make it easier for the user to complete certain tasks.  Another reason is that it improves the overall long term performance of the machine.  If you have a machine that can print exactly what you want when you want it then your business will be more efficient.  Functions can help with this as they complete tasks automatically that you would previously have to do manually.

Most people do not use all the functions that their printing machine has to offer.  This could be because they do not know about them or do not need to use them.  If you do not know about the functions you should check your manual as they can greatly impact performance.

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Trade Back Your Old Copier and Help the Third World September 18, 2011

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Have you bought a new copier and have no clue what to do with your old one?  Do you want to help the third world but don’t know what you can do?  If you answer yes to these questions then you can help by disposing of your old copier.  There are a number of programmes that let you help others when you trade in your old copier.

What you can do with old copiers

Getting rid of an old copier can be a bit tricky and many people simply end up with old machines that they don’t use lying around.  There are some people who decide that their machine is still good and try to sell it on.  Some of these people will succeed and others will not.  Of course if your old copier is too old or does not work properly you might find yourself at a dead end.  There are many companies that will properly dispose of your old machine for you.  Sometimes computer companies will have specials where you can give them your old machine and they will give you a discount on your new machine.  There are many things that you can do with your old machine.  You simply have to figure out which is best for you and if it will help others.

Remove all private information before disposing of printers

With newer models of printers there is certain information that is stored on the machine.  This information can often be private and something you do not want to fall into the hands of other people.  It is for this reason that you need to be sure that you have removed all this information before you dispose of the machine.  To do this you will have to delete any information that could be stored on the hardware.  If you do not feel that the hardware is cleared then you should think about removing the part that holds the information.

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How a Photocopier Can Help You with 5 Tasks at Once! (2/2) September 10, 2011

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3. Faxing

Having a phone that is also a fax machine is something that most companies used to have.  The problem with this was that if someone was making a phone call and another person had to send a fax one had to wait.  Having a photocopier that is also a fax machine takes some of the pressure off.  These machines will be linked to the phone line but not the business phone.  This means that someone can send a fax while someone else is on the phone to a different person.

4. Binding

In offices that to create bound documents a binding machine is something to look at.  However, not all offices will have the space to have a binding machine.  Certain multifunction photocopiers will come with a binding facility in them.  This can be very helpful as once the printing is done the binding can be done.  Additionally there will be no need for additional space for the binding machine.  Many of these binding functions will be for ring binding which looks professional but is not hard to do.

5. Scanning

In today’s technological age scanning is something that businesses need to think about.  Many companies find it easier to do certain tasks online and communicate through emails.  This is when you will need a multifunction machine that has a scanning facility.  With this facility you can scan documents that need to be emailed to people.  You can also scan documents that need to be kept but you are unable to keep the original on the premises.

tasks at once is something that most multifunction photocopiers will be able to handle.  Printing, copying, faxing, binding and scanning are these five tasks that can be done with one machine.  Of course you need to make sure that the machine you want to buy has all of these features.

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How a Photocopier Can Help You with 5 Tasks at Once! (1/2) September 3, 2011

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Photocopiers are no longer just about making copies anymore.  With technological advances as they are printers and copiers can now do more than what their name states.  Multi-function office machines are able to perform a range of tasks.  These tasks will include printing, copying, faxing, binding and scanning.  The reasons for all of these tasks being put into one machine include increased efficiency and less space being needed.

1. Printing

Since the 1960’s people have been using printers to create documents in the workplace.  Today there are many different kinds of printers you can get from laser printers to ink jet printers.  Of course multifunction ones are also available which allow you to do more than just printing.  Of course you will want to make sure that you printing needs are taken care of.  Multifunction machines will be available with colour printing and monochrome printing.

2. Copying

Photocopiers are the machine that people will generally link copying to.  However you can now get machines that do more than simple copy’s.  Scaling copies is something that most modern copiers are able to do.  To do this the copier will have built in setting that allows you to set the size of the page you want the copy on.  This can range from A4 to A1.  Many copiers will also be able to turn the page over to use both sides of the page.

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Things you want to check when purchasing large office printers March 5, 2011

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Do you find that your current printer simply can’t keep up with your needs?  If this is the case then you may want to consider getting a large office printer.  If you are going to buy a new printer then there are some things you need to check before you pay for anything.  Once you have checked these criteria you will be able to find the perfect printer for you and your company.

What you need in your large office printers

The needs of your office will play a large role in what kind of large office printers you look at.  There are some things that you should check before looking at printers.  One of these is whether or not you need to have a colour printer or not.  You will also need to think about the features you are going to need your printer to have.  Do you need it to scan and fax as well?  If this is the case you may need to check out multifunction printers.  The speed of the printer may also play a part in what you look at.  If you find that you have to print a lot of pages quickly then you will need a printer that prints 33 pages per minute at least.

What to consider when purchasing printers and copiers December 20, 2010

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There are many things that you have to consider when purchasing a printer or copier.  How many people are going to be using the machine is one question that you have to think about.  You will also have to think about what exactly the machine is going to be used for.  The features on the particular machine will also have to be assessed as you may not need them.


There is a wide range of photocopiers on the market from various manufacturers.  Some of these copiers will be able to handle a larger capacity than others and it is important that you know what capacity you need.  You should also look at whether or not you need a colour copier or a monochrome one.  If you are copying documents that do not need colour then you should assess whether you will have colour copying needs in the future.  If you do not think you will then getting a monochrome copier is best.

Something to look at is multifunction copiers.  This type of machine is best for small businesses as they eliminate the need for a separate printer, scanner, copier and fax.  Larger businesses will often have a machine that has both printer and copier functions.

There are certain features that need to be assessed when considering any photocopier.  One of these is the speed at which it copies.  How many pages per minute can be printed?  When looking at these features you will have to be aware of the fact that many will not copy at the advertised speed.  There are other variables that need to be taken into account like the whether you are duplex copying or not.  Another feature to look for is whether more than one job can be input at a single time.  This is a good feature to have if more than one person is going to be using the machine.  Additionally see if the copier has memory where you can store repetitive tasks so you can save time when doing them.

Which photocopiers will help you toward greater productivity? November 20, 2010

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When you are using photocopiers in your work you will want to find the ones that will allow you to increase your productivity.  When looking for these copiers there are certain things that will need to be taken into account.  Finding a copier that suits your needs and has all the functions that you are going to need is very important.


There are many different types of copiers on the market.  Some of them will have more features and functions than others and you will need to be aware of these.  You will need to assess what you want the copier to do when looking at the type you want to get.

There are three types of photocopiers that you will need to be aware of and they are multifunction copiers, network copiers and digital copiers.  Multifunction copiers will usually be three in ones that are able to copy scan and fax.  You will also find ones that are printers as well.  Network copiers are best for people working in large companies that have many people who need to use the copier.  The reason for this is that these copiers can be used without the person leaving their desk.  Digital copiers are gaining in popularity as they provide you with a much sharper image.  These copiers are also made in such a way that they can be multifunction copiers as well.

Successful Dealing with Photocopiers at Work September 16, 2010

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Photocopiers are part of our everyday life.  It is not only businesses that use these machines but many people will have one in their home.  Most people will use a laser copier in their homes for many different reasons.  This type of copier has a long history dating back to 1959.

Laser copiers use a type of technology known as xerography which is the use of heat to put the image onto paper.  This was first done by the company Xerox and it replaced other forms of copying at the time.  Of course it should be noted that it is possible to get ink jet copiers as well.  However many people find that pages from an ink jet copier take longer to dry and are more prone to getting smudges.

Today you do not have to settle for only having black and white copies.  Color copiers have been available to the public since the late 1960’s.  These first colour copiers used the dye sublimation process to give the images their colour.  It was in 1973 that Canon brought out the first electrostatic copier.

Buying a copier or an office printer? April 28, 2010

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Warranties and Service contracts
Whether you are buying or leasing a copier, one thing you need to make sure you understand before finalising the deal is the warranty / level of service cover you are getting.

There are many different warranty and service options, and you will want to understand exactly what is covered in case something breaks or your copier refuses to work. On new copiers, manufacturer’s warranties range from 30 days to one year, but it is possible to get a comprehensive service contract which will cover all service, preventative maintenance service, all consumable and non consumable parts and in some cases they can even cover all toners.

Be careful as some warranties only cover limited parts or certain malfunctions, while others are truly comprehensive warranties. If you are purchasing from an authorised reseller, the sales staff should be able to explain, in detail, the warranties and service options.

Environmental Disposal
If you are upgrading an old machine check with possible suppliers if they will environmentally dispose of your old machine and will they charge you for this? Most reputable suppliers will be part of the WEEE recycling scheme, whereby machines will be broken down into their constituent parts and those parts will be sent for recycling.

Hidden Costs
Always check with a potential supplier that their cost covers Delivery, installation, networking of all of your workstations and full staff training. Some suppliers may charge extra for these services in an effort to advertise a lower cost price.

If you are to get the most out of your new system it is essential that your staff are given full training. There are many features on new digital systems and if your staff know how to use them it will significantly increase productivity and efficiency within your organisation.

Buying a copier can be difficult, confusing, and expensive. However, if you take your time, research all your options appropriately, and ask enough questions, then you can end up with the right machine to do the right job for the right price. Remember to scope out your needs before you start shopping for copiers.

Make sure the copiers that you are considering are really going to meet your needs. If you think that you may have the need to upgrade to newer technology every few years as it becomes available, consider financing your copier.

If you aren’t incredibly comfortable with your knowledge of copiers and their features, you should strongly consider purchasing from an authorised reseller of a well known brand where a sales representative will be available to answer all of your questions.