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Fire Up Your Business With A Canon September 25, 2012

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Canon Photocopiers IrelandWhen you think of printers or photocopiers, what brand springs to mind? Now there are a number of good quality brands but the brand that has sprung up in your mind is Canon! There really is no better when it comes to anything to do with photocopying, printing and of course, taking pictures.

A company with over 80 years of photographic experience will no doubt by now know exactly what they are doing. Did you know that their actual original name was Kwannon? They changed to Canon back in 1947 after 17 years of being known as their previous name.

Canon Printers

Well, no matter what name they decide to go under, they have been leading the field in printing with their canon printers for as long as anybody can remember. They were the pioneers of printers such as inkjet based technology, bubble technology amongst many others.

Generally, they innovate while everybody else just follows their lead and imitates. Much like the LaserJet technology they came up with too, this is the technology that the best printers are made on today yet it was Canon who came up with it.

So if you have a bustling new business and need a printer or photocopier, what are you going to do? Are you going to go for a cheaply made imitation or are you going to go with the best quality printers available by opting for Canon? For your business’s sake I hope you opted for the latter!

Have One In Your Home Too!

Many of us run our business from home, or at least do some form of office work there. That’s why Canon also has much smaller versions of their Canon copiers and Canon printers which are ideal for home use.

Just because they are smaller does not mean the quality will be sacrificed either, the larger versions are built for being used on a much larger scale. The home versions are light equivalents, designed for occasional to moderate use.

A perfect printer for the home would be one of their excellent all in one printer; they can cater for not just your printing needs, but photocopying, scanning and faxing too. This saves space in your home office whilst also providing you with the ultimate convenience.

Canon also offer wireless printers too, apart from the power cord of course. The wireless ones work by sending data through Bluetooth to your home or work pc. This saves you having to have countless cables plugging into many different sockets; it also saves you having to put holes in the walls too.

So In Summary

Why buy your printer or copier from a company that does not sell Canon? Canon are known worldwide to be the best at what they do, in many cases they are much cheaper than their competitors too. A Canon printer or Canon copier will offer your business a durable yet top class tool for getting your business operating efficiently, without all of the breakdowns that come with many of the other brands.

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Enjoy more than 50% Print Cost Savings February 26, 2012

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Responding to demand for lower cost black-and-white office printers, Canon has introduced three remanufactured black-and-white Printers and copiers; the Canon imageRUNNER iR6570Ne, iR4570Ne and iR2870Ne.

Canon’s remanufacturing process increases the lifespan of its printers and enables Canon to offer the new range of remanufactured Printers and copiers at a significantly lower price than new printer devices.

Organisations in the public sector, environmental agencies and educational institutions may be interested in remanufactured printers as a way to help reduce their organisation’s impact on the environment.

The pan European remanufacturing programme ensures that up to 93 percent of parts by weight are reused to extend the life of Canon’s Printers and copiers. As significantly fewer new raw materials are required during remanufacturing, the resource consumption is much lower than in the production of new printer devices.

Canon’s high quality remanufacturing approach is more comprehensive than simply refurbishing printers with new or cleaned parts as is commonplace in the industry. Instead, each Mulifunction Printer(MFP) is completely rebuilt, the remanufactured printer device meet the same standards as new copiers.

The remanufactured printer devices meet the same standards as new printer devices, which enables Canon to reset the click counter to zero and appoint each Multifunction printer(MFP) with a brand new serial number. Technicians also incorporate the latest upgrades and erase previous data, essentially giving each printer a new life.

Organisations are constantly looking for ways to make their budgets go further and meet environmental standards.

In extending the life of some of Canon’s office printers, you can now benefit from significantly cheaper remanufactured office printers that are equivalent to brand new printer devices.

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Do You Use All the Functionality of Your Printing Machine? November 8, 2011

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Most people have to use some kind of printing machine in their work and private time.  What you might not be doing is using all of the functions that these machines have to offer.  Most people do not know all of the functions that their machines are capable of and this should be remedied.  By using more of the functions you may be able to work more effectively as well as improve performance in the long run.

Today’s printing machines are rather advanced

Technology is always advancing from computers to phones to printing machines.  More and more functions are being offered by these machines in an effort to make our lives easier.  However, a lot of people find these machines to be too advanced with some functions they don’t know what to do with.  It is best to know that even with the great advances made you can choose which printer you want and some have a lot fewer functions than others.

Printers have functions that you might not need to use at certain times

If you are going for a top of the range printer you will probably find functions that you should not use all the time.  One function that many people do not always use is the print on both sides of the page.  Not all documents should be printed like this so there are certain times when this would not be used.  There are many other functions such as tone setting and when to print in black and white that will not be used all the time.  It is up to you as to when you use all the functions that are on offer.

Copiers and knowing when to use all the functions

It is great to have all these functions but the real problem comes with knowing when and how to use all of them.  One way to find out about all the functions copiers have is to check the manual.  The manual will have a list of all the functions, what they do and how to turn them on and off.  If you are one of the many people who find manual hard to understand then you can get an expert to help you.  Many machine manufacturers will have support or a customer service which you can call in order to get help with your new machine.  This help will generally include helping you figure out all the functions of the machine.

Does using the functions of photocopiers help in the long run?

The real question is why photocopiers and printers have so many functions?  One reason is to make it easier for the user to complete certain tasks.  Another reason is that it improves the overall long term performance of the machine.  If you have a machine that can print exactly what you want when you want it then your business will be more efficient.  Functions can help with this as they complete tasks automatically that you would previously have to do manually.

Most people do not use all the functions that their printing machine has to offer.  This could be because they do not know about them or do not need to use them.  If you do not know about the functions you should check your manual as they can greatly impact performance.

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How to Keep Your Printer Printing – Common Mistakes June 30, 2011

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There are also many mistakes that the owners of printers do that can cause printer repair to be more common.  These are often things that you never think about or do once and forget that can shorten the life of the printer.

How to avoid risks to office printers

Now that you are aware of the risks to your office printers how can you avoid them?  The first thing to do is ensure that they are installed correctly so you do not run the risk of driver problems.  Also make sure that you get good quality cartridges that will not leak.  If repairs are needed then you should get someone who knows what they are doing or is recommended by the manufacturer.

The life of your printer may be cut short by something you are or are not doing.  There are many little things that we don’t think about that can help this important piece of equipment survive longer.  Taking shortcuts that make our lives easier like overstocking the paper tray may be the very thing that causes the printer to break.

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How to Keep Your Printer Printing – Common Issues June 19, 2011

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Your printer is possibly the most important piece of office equipment after the computer.  The only problem is that printers tend to stop printing after a while.  This can be caused by age as all technology has a limited life span.  However, it can also be caused by common mistakes made by people who handle the printer.  There are common causes for printers to break but also mistakes that people make that mean more repairs.  It is best that you know what they are and how to prevent the mistakes.

Most common reasons for canon printers breaking

There are many reasons for why canon printers stop working.  Some of these reasons are pretty straight forward while others are a bit more complicated.

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Cost-effective packages for canon office printers June 12, 2011

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Repairing your canon office printers when they break can be a costly affair.  That is why many canon dealers will offer you cost-effective packages when you buy from them.  These packages could include free maintenance and repair for a certain amount of time, usually a year.  They will also offer other forms of telephone and electronic support to help with any problems that you could fix.  There is another option that you can take up.  This is to get an office printer service contract.  The service contract is similar to an insurance policy where you pay a set amount to cover the printer.  This contract could also be calculated on a cost per copy basis where you only pay for what you use.  When you have this contract the response time is usually on the same day within a few hours of calling them in.

Maintaining your canon or office printer does not need to cost you an arm and leg.  Getting special packages from dealers is one way to limit the costs.  Another is to sign up for a service contract where your printer is insured and technicians will be sent to you if there is a problem.

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Do You Have to Pay Every Time Your Printer Breaks? June 4, 2011

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There is nothing more annoying than the printer breaking just when you want to print.  Not only does this delay your printing but you usually have to pay sometimes exorbitant amounts to get the printer fixed.  The question is do you really have to pay every time your printer breaks?  The answer is no, there are other options available.

It’s annoying when you have to fix the office printer

An office printer is one piece of equipment that often breaks down and stops printing.  However, you may not have to fix the printer as there may be another less serious problem causing it to stop working.  Paper jams are more common than most people think and can be fixed by anyone.  All you have to know is how to open the printer and find the jammed paper.  Of course there are times when the problem is serious and you can’t do anything about it.  These are the most annoying times as you have to call in a repair man who sometimes can only come the next day.  This can disrupt your entire schedule and put you behind on your work.

If your canon printers go down what should you do?

If your canon printer does go down then there are some things that you should do before you call anyone.  The first step is to see if there are any warning lights on.  If you have run out of ink then your printer will tell you.  Additionally, if you have a paper jam your printer may tell you.  It is best to check your ink cartridges even if the light does not go on.  If you cannot find the problem yourself then you need to get someone in.  If you are close to a store that offers printer repair then you can also take it in yourself and often save the call out of the repair man.

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Canon dealers set up unique Customer log-in for office printers May 29, 2011

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Having your Canon dealer setup a unique log-in for office printers is important.  By doing this you will be able to log on to the online service system where you can keep track of your fleet.  Some of the things you can check on are the service history, service calls and meter readings for your office printers.

Charges for setting up multifunction printers

The question that will now come to mind is how much your Canon dealer will charge you to set up multifunction printers.  The answer to this is that it should be done free of charge.  This should hold true even if you want the supplier to do more than just the basic installation.

It is very important that your supplier installs your new MFD.  The reason for this is that there are many settings that should be changed and things set up so that you can get the most out of the device.

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To be cost-effective, Canon printers standard features should be implemented May 24, 2011

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There are many features that canon printers have that need to be set up properly.  Once these features have been set up correctly they will save you money in a range of different ways.  Some of these features are simply a change from default while others require the expertise of your Canon dealer.

One change to make is with the printing set up.  It is best to change the setting from default to duplex printing.  By doing this you can save 40% per month on your paper costs.  This setting will have the printer print on both sides of the page instead of one.

It is highly unlikely that you will always have to print in colour.  By changing the default setting to print in black you can save money.  If there is the need to print in colour then users simply choose that option.

ID modes will allow you to see how much printer usage a person or department is going through.  If a department that does not need to print is using the printer then you can go about stopping prohibited printing.  This can save money on paper costs and ink.

Fax divert to email is a great feature that saves your money.  Many people will get faxes that do not actually have to be printed.  By having the fax go to email you will not have to print faxes unnecessarily.  This saves on paper, ink and time.

If at all possible setting print to mailboxes is a great idea.  This feature allows you to have secure printing that is password protected.  This is great for any business where certain things are on a need to know basis.

This setting saves a lot of money as any printing job that is in the mailboxes will automatically be deleted after 12 hours.  This means that if someone realises that they don’t need to print you haven’t wasted paper and ink.

RUI or remote user interface means that you will save time one your employees having to check the availability of the printer.

This feature comes with all standard Canon software.  The Canon team is allowed to monitor your printer 24/7 and will be notified if there is a problem saving you time in having to call for maintenance.

It Is Important How Your Supplier Installs Your New MFD (Multifunction Printer) May 20, 2011

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When you get a new MFD for your office the supplier will usually come and install it for you.  How your supplier install it is very important as this can change how much you save with the new device.  There are many settings that can make the use of Canon office printers very cost effective.

Basic installation of your multifunction printing device by your supplier

Your canon supplier will do a basic installation for you when you buy an MFD.  Of course one thing to keep in mind about this is that the basic installation will usually not be completely cost effective and productive.  Multifunction printing devices have many features that can help you save money and energy but they need to be set up correctly in order for you to get the full effect.

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