Four Great Tips for Managing Your Printing Costs

Part of running a business is keeping your expenses down. If you have high overhead, it can quickly eat up revenue that would have been profit. One of these expenses is certainly printing costs. Thankfully, there are ways to make your printing expenses more manageable. Below is a list of four ways you can better manage your printing costs. 1. Invest in a Laser Printer and Copier One way to bring down printing costs is by avoiding inkjet printers. It’s no secret. Printer ink, for whatever reason, is exorbitantly expensive and has remained so for decades. Laser printers, on the other hand, use toner. While toner cartridges may not be cheap either, there are many great benefits to toner over ink. It allows for faster printing, and a toner cartridge is able to print far more pages than an ink cartridge. Overall, if you print a lot of pages in your office on a daily basis, you’ll certainly want to go with a laser printer and copier. 2. Print Your Own Labels Another thing you may want to do to better manage your printing costs is to stop outsourcing your print work to third party printing companies. For example, if you need to print out labels for your product, you can do this in your own facilities in exchange for a rather reasonable investment. Simply purchase your own label printer and start printing out the stickers on your own. You’ll find that the job isn’t that difficult and doesn’t require the expertise of an outside company. 3. Take Advantage of Draft Mode One thing many people don’t know about...

Label Printers and their benefits for your business

The new technology enhances today’s Label makers New technology makes Label makers today more efficient, with increased production time and a wide variety of label designs to choose for your projects. Improved software programmes provide you with capabilities that produce accurate labels for precise identification and classifications for any organisation’s commitments. Heavy-duty automatic tape cutters, built-in keyboards and date/time printing assists in printing dynamic labels for your business or domestic needs. Click here to see our range of Label Printers or P-Touch Labelling Machines. Increased Connectivity Your label maker’s ability to connect through mobile technology increases its ease of use in nearly any environment. By connecting your label maker via WiFi or Near Field Communications (NFC), it expands your workspace beyond the walls of your office. Connecting your tablet or smartphone with the help of mobile apps with the newer technology to the new label makers aids in collaborative efforts of various office projects. The capacity to link to the label maker’s software allows you to utilise specific templates or create your exclusive designs. In hectic retail or hospitality environments, a portable label maker with the capacity to generate tickets or receipts can ease the pain of customers waiting in lengthy queues. This will help increase the volume of transactions. Office label makers no longer need to remain on the shelf back on the office. Incorporating your label maker along with your smartphone in your list of essential mobile tools is a practical plan. Organisational tactics In offices today, small businesses keep their offices organised themselves. Taking charge of your functional demands in the supply closet can be achieved with...

Fixed Price Printing – The Advantages of Monthly Print Contracts

Fixed price printing is one of the newest forms of business for people that create prints in business. There are many advantages that monthly print contracts have over a typical exchange. Not only are these monthly contracts more reliable, but they tend to help the business plan out income and expenses as well. Here are several advantages that monthly print contracts have over the typical way business is done. Predictable Costs For you the customer, it is nice to have predictable costs every month for your printing needs. There are many small businesses in the UK, and every one of them needs to increase income and minimize cost in any way that they can. Although printing services may seem like something that is not important, it all adds up. Having a monthly print contract will be like any other fixed expense in that it can be planned for in your business. For the printing business, it also helps with planning purposes from the perspective that they can easily purchase raw materials and anything else they need ahead of time. The printing business can also optimize their production and even make products ahead of schedule if they know the volume the customers will demand. No Minimum Volume Another great aspect of monthly print contracts is the fact that there are no minimum print volumes for you. Many times, you have to pay for a certain amount of cost no matter how much you need to order order. For example, it may be twenty pounds plus one cent per page. However, with monthly print contracts these minimums go away you can simply...

Meeting The Demand For Multifunction Printers

Many businesses today use multifunction printers. MFPs are efficient, cost-effective, and convenient. Whether you have a small home-based business or a large corporation, multifunctional printers can be a great investment. They allow you to print, copy, scan, fax, email, collate, run reports, and more. Plus they’re easy to use, inexpensive to maintain and the work they produce are of very high quality. So whether you or your staff operates them you’ll be glad you have them. Please click here if you want access to a wide range of multifunction printers at the most affordable prices or simply contact us now and we will help you with your needs. Many Brands Available There are a number of excellent brand of multifunction printers available. Some of the most respected manufacturers in the world produce a variety of models of these printers. Companies like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Xerox, and many others offer the most advanced models with excellent standard and optional features. The multifunctional printers can be used for personal, small business, and large scale commercial use. Typically, commercial MFP use laser-printer technology while personal MFP use inkjet printers. Types of Multifunctional Printers There are 4 basic types of MFPs. They are all-in-ones, SOHO MFPs, Office MFPs and Production Printing MFPs. Each type is used for very specific functions. All-In-One Primarily used in homes and home-office. These machines copy, scan, fax, and print and may come with software for organising photos and some simple optical character recognition (OCR). Some can be networked while most can be connected to other devices using USB or Parallel cables. They support...

How Can 3D Printing Help Your Company

                    3D printing tugs at the imagination. It makes us want to push the envelope a little, push ourselves to see what we can come up with. The options are endless, but the technology hasn’t seemed accessible. Please click here to view 3D printers. As much as we may have dreamed, most schools, small businesses, and healthcare providers don’t have three-dimensional printers. Units were too expensive, or people weren’t sure how to use them. All of that is changing. The technology is ready for the home or office, and a business that embraces it will give itself an edge. In the next three years, the research company Gartner expects the annual amount of money spent on purchasing 3D printers to increase eightfold. As the price of each unit is falling dramatically, this means that there will be a lot more printers in use. That could be a game-changer for some industries. If a competitor can print a model on the spot, clients might get impatient about waiting to have an order sent out. Most companies could benefit in some way from 3D printing. Surgeons have used them to make models of a child’s small heart to study before surgery. 3D print-outs of the next iPhone lets accessory-makers test their newest prototypes – that were also created through additive manufacturing. Costly miscommunications are eliminated when custom orders are printed out in miniature before a life-size creation is made. As the technology becomes more available, we will find more creative and productive ways to utilize it. Many producers of 2D printers have...

Canon mobile printing

With the recent launch of the new generation of Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE office printer devices, there are now several options for mobile printing with Canon devices.   To find out more about Canon mobile printing options, please click here   Submit print jobs from any mobile device  Canon uniFLOW allows users of any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer device to submit jobs to the printer or a secure print queue. Print jobs can be submitted directly from an application on the device, via email or even from native operating system (OS) functionality such as Apple AirPrint   Submit any file type  Canon uniFLOW can print over 200 different file types including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Files are converted to a print ready format with complete accuracy making sure that the document that is printed is the same as the user would see on the screen. PDF files can be printed without requiring devices to have additional Postscript (PS) printer kits installed.   Full “follow me” printing support Canon UniFLOW includes a full “follow me” printing system allowing the user to decide where and when to release their print jobs. Users can submit their jobs to a single email address from anywhere in the world and retrieve it from any device on the network when they are ready. All print jobs from a user are held in central secure queue regardless of how they were submitted. This allows the user to see all their mobile print jobs and those submitted from their desktop in a single queue on the device.   Works with any printer Canon uniFLOW can...

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